Give Hope, Have Fun, & Create Community
At-Home Parties & Projects to Change the World.
We take your passions & dreams, blend them with amazing organizations, and create a place of true innovation. We are not just a shop for world-change; we are a community of leaders passionately fighting to improve the world of tomorrow.
It's not just what we put in our projects that makes them superior. It's what we choose to leave out. We integrate only the most proven, most beneficial nonprofit organizations with local, hands-on knowledge to craft truly remarkable solutions for today's problems.
Supporting Worldwide Innovation
We believe in local knowledge. We know small organizations - and individuals - are the most knowledgeable, flexible, and effective. We are constantly updating and evaluating our products, allowing our on-the-ground consultants to provide you with only the most innovative and efficient projects to bring about change.
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What People Are Saying

"I LOVE knowing that what I'm doing is actually helping the world - the fact that you screen your partner organizations so heavily is amazing. Keep on trucking, ladies!"

Natalie Cronin, LuLaRoe Rep

"I am loving this month's project! Thank you so much for all of the amazing crafts I can do with my kiddos to teach gratitude and service!"

Holly Johnson, Homeschooling Mom and MilSpo

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Make great memories this Summer with your kids. Sign up today for our Summer Spark Starter Playdate Series, and you'll get three projects, that you can do with friends, to change the world. Way better than sitting around bored all summer long.
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