Aina means “that which feeds”, and we believe that every individual’s leadership potential is nourished when they discover their purpose and nurture its growth.

Are you ready to see what happens when you feed your leadership potential?

We’re Radically Inclusive, So You Can Be Fiercely Yourself.

We are Aina Leadership, a unique and innovative organization built on the principles of servant leadership, empowerment, and equality. We believe that our world gets better when every individual is supported and encouraged to take responsibility for impacting their community, region, country, and world.

Every person can be a leader, and Aina’s goal is to facilitate, support, and guide their journey.

Advancing World Change, One Leader at a Time

Everything we do is powered by our mission to empower leaders. From giving individuals the tools to lead confidently in their own lives, to facilitating interactive leadership workshops and learning activities, we are always working to broaden our reach while promoting purpose-driven leadership.

Leaders come from all backgrounds and paths of life. Tomorrow’s great leaders may not know their potential today, but we’re working to help them find it.

Aina Leadership Advancing World Change

Meet Our Leaders

Leaders come from all backgrounds, and ours are no different. In addition to working for nearly 20 years in the corporate, government, academic, and nonprofit sectors, our partners pull their leadership experience from motherhood, community service, and professional leadership certifications.

Our partners have seen and interacted with countless dedicated leaders making an impact on the world, taking inspiration and tips from each and every one. It’s these experiences that fed our integrated leadership model, which is based on the concept of pulling leadership strengths from all walks of life.

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Carmen Westbrook Senior Partner Aina Consultants Nonprofit Consulting and Leadership Coaching for a better tomorrow
Aina Giving Pursue Your Calling

Pursue Your Calling, Unapologetically.

As a progressive, inclusive, and proudly unique leadership development company, we are committed to helping individuals take charge of their personal leadership journey.

Whether you’re a CEO, a mother with kids at home, an entrepreneur, a volunteer in your local community, a manager, coach, or someone who “wears many hats”, Aina is here for you, and we’re ready to help you achieve your goal of leading, thriving, and inspiring change.

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