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Socially Responsible Servant Leadership

Aina Giving

Socially Responsible Servant Leadership

About Us

Helping Leaders Never Forget That We are Socially Responsible Servants

From governments to militaries to international aid organizations, we help leaders remember – and reconnect with – their socially responsible, servant leadership roots. Our trainings, certifications, and retreats focus every leader on their true calling – that of serving the system before self.



Courses & Individual Coaching

Are you feeling called to make a difference – and aren’t quite sure how? Our highly trained and ICF certified coaches focus on helping individuals grow and develop their local and global impact. Looking for community and support as you make this transition? Join one of our curated courses – led by our Aina leadership staff – to connect with individuals from around the world that are hearing – and responding to – the call of social responsibility in today’s world. 

Teams & Organizations

Archetypal Leadership© Training

From corporate responsibility to civil servants, social responsibility is today’s mandate. Our experience with governments, militaries, and international aid organizations gives us the expertise and resources to do just that. With trainers and coaches around the globe utilizing our Archetypal Leadership© Model, our trainers in governments, organizations, universities, and companies worldwide unites teams, organizations…cultures, countries, & nations.

Coach Development

Service Coaching & Retreats

One of the most powerful lessons that servant leaders can learn is that they cannot do it alone – and our ecosystem is one of the best trainers of this lesson. Pairing with vulnerable populations, trained facilitators, and ecosystem restoration, our coaching certifications & world-change retreats happen all over the world – and take leaders to the frontiers of social responsibility and service.


Our Foundation

Empowering Mother Leadership

We don’t just train it – we walk the walk of socially responsible servant leaders. Working with vulnerable populations in Africa, India, and beyond, our trainers and coaches give – for free – their time to supporting, empowering, and training women in vulnerable populations – the peacemakers of our time. Vulnerable feminine voices must be heard at the table to create a sustainable tomorrow. Our Aina Giving Foundation does just that.


Come Join Us

We must remember that powerful leadership comes from serving the future. It is time for us to step up and take the lead.


About Aina

Through Aina’s work with governments and vulnerable communities worldwide, Aina inspires leaders, coaches, and individuals to continue in their ground-breaking work of social change.

Aina continues to prove that by moving away from the “they need help” mentality and into the “we support empowered individuals” mindset even the most fractured communities can move past overwhelm and trauma and into healing unity through social responsibility.

Carmen Westbrook Executive Coach