Aina's At-Home Volunteer Parties & Projects

Are You Tired of Not Trusting Charities? Can You Never Fit Volunteering Into Your Busy Schedule? Do You Want to Make an Impact with Charitable Service? You’ve Come to the Right Place.


From trend analysis to issues research to organization vetting, we spend over 100 hours on each project to ensure that you only work with trusted and impactful charities.


Every great solution is built on relationships - that's why we the connect with each nonprofit to craft projects that are truly impactful, meaningful, and effective.


Building strong and sustainable communities is at the core of what we do. Our projects are not done just by individuals – they are done by leaders, by groups, by communities that are working together to build the world into a better tomorrow.

Real, meaningful at-home world change. Aina screens and approves nonprofit charitable organizations, then develops projects and parties that you can do, from home, to change the world. Finally, a trusted resource for how to make an impact in today’s busy life.


At-Home Volunteer Projects & Parties

Trusted, Hands-on, DIY World Change

Help Cancer: Caps for Chemo

Help cancer patients with this hand-knit cap project.

Help Veterans: Rucks for Rough Riders

Help homeless veterans with this winter gear and lip-balm project.

Help the Homeless: Samaritan Squares Crochet Project

Create a crocheted blanket square to help the homeless.

Help Sick Children: Hope Dolls Project

Help children and families battling childhood disease with this Hope Doll project.

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