Alright Ladies. It’s our turn to take charge of the future.

Take the #12WaysOfGivingChallenge and nominate 5 friends to do it too.

imageWhy? Because

I’m done with hearing all of the bad news around the world and feeling helpless.

I done with passing that homeless guy and feeling helpless.

I’m done with feeling helpless.


Join Team Aina – go to, type in your email, and get our weekly email roar. What the heck is a weekly email roar? It’s where every week we tell you things you can do – from home, with friends – to change the future. Care about women in Africa? Make a feminine hygiene kit for a girl so she can go to school for the next three years (seriously. That’s what that will do). All of the talk about abandoned kids getting you down? Make some undies (no joke. Undies. Big Deal) for homeless youth forgotten by the system.

Love these ideas? We have 5,000 more and we’ll send you three per week, about the news stories of that week. Right to your inbox – tutorials, where to send, and inspiration included.

We’ve made it easy, ladies, because changing the future shouldn’t be this stinking hard.

Put on those capes and spandex. It’s our turn to change the world. Sign up at today to change our tomorrow.


Make Waves. How to change the future.

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