About Aina Giving

In 2014, the Ebola crisis hit the mainstream news. Feeling called to action, two busy mothers decided to help. Reaching out to organizations locally and around the world, they asked what they could do. They were told that they could do nothing to help – had no part in helping the world – except in giving money. And oh, this made our co-founders furious. Because we have SO much more to give than just money – and communities don’t thrive on money alone.

So, determined to do something, our founders decided to search for what they could do. Believing that changing the world is everyone’s responsibility, they felt sure there would be other organizations with this same philosophy. After months of dedicated searching, they found nothing. And so, they reached out to their network – and their network begged them to start this project. Having worked within leadership in the government, education, community, and NGO sphere for over two decades, they realized they could fix this. Thus was born Aina Giving.

After almost 20 years in the field, our founders knew that we are all leaders. And we all change the world. They also knew that community engagement is essential to make that happen. And frankly, that’s what it is about Aina Giving – it is all about empowering communities, wherever they might be, to grow and work together effectively in Servant Leadership. Having worked with leaders around the world, they also realized how hard it is for each person to discover her spark. And thus was born the Aina philosophy of nurturing that leadership baby in each of us and giving the steps to take to grow it into a force for good.

And so…what is it about Aina Giving? Well, we meet you where you are, of course – just as we wanted, way back when. 

  • We give you our Free Membership level stuffed full of top-notch leadership training from developers around the world. That way, if your servant leadership baby is small and needs everything it can get, you can find it, on your own terms.
  • And then, when your servant leadership baby is a bit older – perhaps at the toddler stage – we give you networks of In-Home Leadership Collectives, so you’ll have a network of support and learning as you grow.
  • And when you’re ready to release that leadership baby into the world, we have Global World-Change Retreats and Corporate Programs for you to lead, wherever you are.

We’re all about growing the family.

And so we work every day with our strategic partners to bring you the very best workshops to develop and support your people and help your organization thrive. Our philosophy is simple: Conscious Leadership, System Leadership, Servant Leadership.

We assess your specific needs and meet you there to fill gaps and build on what you’re already doing well. Our workshop leaders know their topics inside out, and they have the certifications and degrees to create the most powerful learning experience. Participants consistently rate our sessions high for interactivity, effectiveness, and fun.

With almost two decades of experience of seeing and fixing the hardship that comes along with saving the world, we know how to nurture that amazing servant leadership in you. Come join us.

Carmen Westbrook Aina Giving Leadership

Carmen Westbrook

CEO and Co-Founder

Carmen brings her breadth of experience within the government, nonprofit, and leadership professions to bear in developing global leadership and ngo partnerships.

Within Aina’s Infinite Leadership model and approach, Carmen specializes in helping organizations and individuals transform into the change-makers of tomorrow through connecting life purpose with professional skills.

With global leadership experience (having lived and worked in Asia, Europe, and the US), and certifications and degrees in economics, environment, and leadership development, Carmen brings a deep understanding of global leadership mandates and development into every Aina workshop and program.

Sharon Njoki

As our Kenya rep and leadership partner, Sharon is passionate about women empowerment and creating platforms where women can be educated and empowered to be leaders. She believes in creating a sisterhood where women can have conversations on what affects them, support each other and be mentors to others.

Sharon brings her breadth of experience in helping in developing curriculum for women empowerment programs and students’ leadership programs. Within Aina’s Infinite Leadership model and approach, Sharon specializes in creating platforms that help women and students to lead their lives and transform them into the change-makers of tomorrow through combining life purpose and leadership skills within their professional and personal lives.

Sharon ensures that we deliver the highest-impact training to propel forward the change-makers of tomorrow.

Marika Nikkinen

Marika works in Scandinavia with conscious leadership coaching and development on all levels of organizations. She has a business background from HR, Sales, and Leadership from small to big organizations and both from the private and public sectors.

Her goal is to raise awareness of our impact on our world.

Marika’s Conscious Leadership Philosophy balances the global common good and individual self-interests. It is leadership guided by a vision and driven by values that targets not only the success of the organization but also the well-being of all stakeholders. And that includes all of the stakeholders – employees, customers, investors, partners, society and the environment.

Marika’s passion, drive, and experience make her one of our strongest partners in initiating projects to bring leadership training to vulnerable populations and uniting this consciousness with servant leaders in organizations worldwide.

Isbelle Lee-Gelard

As one of our partners and facilitators, Isabelle describes herself as simply a leadership coach. Her philosophy is simple: she helps professionals metamorphose from leader on top to inclusive multi-dimensional leader. Working with dedicated individuals and teams, Isabelle helps nurture and grow those creative, resilient, aspects of our selves with a deeply curiosity-led culture. Through introspection and self-awareness, Isabelle invites all of her clients to create a greater, inspiring and responsible impact on their world.

Isabelle’s background in early childhood education intuitively led her to coaching. As “Just” a dedicated Daycare Manager, Isabelle not only grew new young minds, she also helped her teams develop those best environments for young children to grow in a peaceful, safe and holistic way. Building confident, trustworthy, reliable, curious, always-learning led teams was – and remains – her core mission. Her ambition informs her mindful, creative, and inclusive approach today.

Isabelle is passionate about improv and uses her skills to lead workshops in an energetic and playful way. Her integrity and fierce desire to discover the brilliant leader lying in each individual prompt her to create authentic, keen and fertile atmospheres. We are so grateful to have her on our team!

Antonina Klentsova

With her amazing ApplyArt Method, Antonina brings a breadth of emotional intelligence and knowledge in all contexts. As an experienced digital consultant in the international environment as well as ITIL expert, author and organizational system coach. She is  passionate about the synergy of the best practices in diverse industries such as art, digital, leadership and coaching.