Aina FAQs

Everything Aina that you'd ever want to know

1How do you pronounce Aina?
We get this ALL the time, so you're not alone! Aina is pronounced eye-na, and it's the Hawaiian word for Mother Earth.
2How Can I Connect With the People I Help?
We are here to create a space for all of us to share, connect, and grow hope together. Our Aina Facebook Wall of Hope is where people can share thank-yous for projects, stories of victory and loss, and grow hope for each other. Open to every member of Aina, our Wall of Hope is truly where we all gather to see each other's human-ness. Simply fill out the included Giving Card when you mail your gift of hope, become a member of our Aina Wall of Hope Group, and, if they can, the person that you help will post a personal thank-you - and grow a better worldwide community.
3How do I know you support good organizations?
The organizations that we highlight go through an EXTREMELY intense vetting process. We train our Ambos to look at everything from demographic impact to business management - it's a 67-point matrix, y'all. Then our Ambos actually go out in the field and connect with the organization to ensure that they are, in fact, doing the things they claim they're doing.
4Why don't you just give money?
Yep, we totally get that nonprofits need money - and frankly, we all donate a bunch to nonprofits. But we also believe in reaching out and building community throughout the world, and frankly that doesn't happen when you hand a homeless guy a dollar. Handing a refugee a handmade blanket, however...that tells a story - and builds a community.
5Why Do I have to pay for this?
Aina is a membership site - that means you have to pay for the content - because we don't sell YOU to anyone. That means we don't sell your info (or share it, ever ever) with anyone. Ever. We also don't take payments from organizations to highlight them on our site. Nope. No organization can ever pay to get on Aina. Ever. This ensures that you actually trust what we're doing - we're not getting paid off to endorse. We're not a nonprofit because we'd like to be customer-driven (that's you!) instead of grant or mission-driven. And finally, bringing you world-changing products takes time and A LOT of effort. If you've ever tried to find a good organization to volunteer for/donate to, you know what we mean. We believe strongly that people put their treasure where their hearts lie, and we know that many, many people have hearts that are full of wanting to serve others.
6Why do you only accept referred Ambos?
Our Ambos are the boots-on-the-ground of this whole operation - they're the ones that are ensuring that the orgs are really operating as they say they are. Because of this, we really, really, really have to trust them. At this point, that means that you can only apply to be an Ambo if a current Ambo has referred you.