There are 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States, and over 10 million worldwide – it can be overwhelming to try to find truly effective and world-changing organizations to help. At Aina, we believe in transparency – that’s why we tell you exactly how we screen our charitable partner organizations – and why over 95% are rejected. With Aina you can rest easy knowing that the nonprofit you are helping is the best of the best.

Aina Screening Process

Pressing Issues: We start with the Issue – because there is no point to helping a cause that is meaningless to the local community. Through trend analysis, on-the-ground reporting, and affiliate networking, each of our Aina Consultants is trained to start with finding out where your help will matter the most.
All Inclusive: We throw a wide net to find every nonprofit available – from the huge international ngo to the just-started, no-website-having smallest mom and pop joint, we include every organization to be screened.
Aina’s screening is a 5-step process, and ends with only 5% of the organizations being approved. We take this screening very seriously, because the Aina name for trust is our most important asset. See the screening process below.

  1. MissionAina's Vetting Process and How We Work to Help You Change The World
    • Aina Consultants dive deep into the mission of the organization, ensuring that it meets the needs of the community.
  2. Accessibility
    • We work with nonprofits around the world – and want you to be able to see what they do. We take very seriously the transparency of each organization, and train our Aina Consultants to look for hallmarks of an open and honest presence.
  3. Management
    • The ability of a nonprofit organization to handle itself in a business-like manner is extremely important to our customers. There’s no point in helping an organization that can’t even organize itself – so we train each of our consultants in looking at this aspect carefully, ensuring that Aina-approved organizations are able to get their work done in the most efficient manner.
  4. Relationships
    • Finally, we train our Consultants on how to interview and interact with the organization – and to use their gut in doing so. We have found that an organization can seem very effective and well-run, but once we talk to the leaders…a different story can emerge. Each of our consultants gives us the “gut check” on an organization, telling us if they pass or fail in giving them the right kind of goosebumps.
  5. Authoritative Review
    • After each organization has passed through the pre-approval process of our Consultants, they are submitted to the Executive Team. We do a more in-depth perusal of each part of the process to ensure that each organization is truly amazing.

We take your volunteer passions & dreams, blend them with amazing nonprofit organizations, and create a place of true innovation. We are not just a shop for world-change; we are a community of leaders passionately fighting to improve the world of tomorrow.

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Uniting crafters and makers with charitable organizations for community driven volunteer world change
About Mamas Aina

We’re Kristin and Carmen, aka “Mamas Aina,” and we’re the top ladies behind all things Aina. We started Aina because we were two busy moms that couldn’t fit in meaningful volunteer service. We decided to combine our nonprofit, volunteer management, and project development skills to create a place where other busy moms (and dads!) can go to get trusted, meaningful world change products. Now we spend all of our time finding amazing nonprofits and developing projects that you and your friends can do to make tomorrow better. Email us anytime with any questions or suggestions – we are two mamas on a mission, and we love hearing from our Aina Crew!

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