Aina AMAZAR Screening Process
Making Your Life Easy

There are 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States, and over 10 million worldwide - it can be overwhelming to try to find truly effective and world-changing organizations to help. Welcome to Aina Amazar, our screening and selection process. With Aina you can rest easy knowing that the nonprofit you are helping is the best of the best.


Aina AMAZAR Process

The Steps

1. Mission

Aina Consultants dive deep into the mission of the organization, ensuring that it meets the needs of the community.

2. Accessibility

We work with nonprofits around the world - and want you to be able to see what they do. We take very seriously the transparency of each organization, and train our Aina Consultants to look for hallmarks of an open and honest presence.

3. Management

The ability of a nonprofit organization to handle itself in a business-like manner is extremely important to our customers. There's no point in helping an organization that can't even organize itself - so we train each of our consultants in looking at this aspect carefully, ensuring that Aina-approved organizations are able to get their work done in the most efficient manner.

3. Gut Instinct

Finally, we train our Consultants on how to interview and interact with the organization - and to use their gut in doing so. We have found that an organization can seem very effective and well-run, but once we talk to the leaders...a different story can emerge. Each of our consultants gives us the "gut check" on an organization, telling us if they pass or fail in giving them the right kind of goosebumps.

4. Final Approval

After each organization has passed through the pre-approval process of our Consultants, they are submitted to the Executive Team. We do a more in-depth perusal of each part of the process to ensure that each organization is truly amazing.

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Are You...

  • Fed up with feeling helpless and hopeless when you watch the news?
  • Frustrated that all volunteering seems pointless or doesn't fit in your schedule?
  • Skeptical that the nonprofits you find are REALLY working to make a difference?

You've Come to the Right Place


We believe in local knowledge. We know small organizations - and individuals - are the most knowledgeable, flexible, and effective. We are constantly updating and evaluating our products, allowing our on-the-ground consultants to provide you with only the most innovative and efficient projects to bring about change.

Because we've all been there - we too have felt helpless, hopeless, and had no idea how to fit meaningful world change into our insanely busy lives.

Now you can.


What People Are Saying

"Aina is amazing and is the future of volunteering. We struggle so much with finding ways to get people involved with our work, and give them concrete projects to volunteer in a sustainable way. Aina has crafted not only an amazing project to help people help our kids, but has helped us with getting our own people more involved with what we do. Love you guys!"

Michelle Oliel, Founder and Executive Director, Stahili Foundation

"I LOVE knowing that what I'm doing is actually helping the world - the fact that you screen your partner organizations so heavily is amazing. Keep on trucking, ladies!"

Natalie Cronin, Stay-at-Home Mom and Community Activist