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Lead Your Life

Feeling frustrated with where you are – and knowing there’s so much more? We’ve been there. Because while some people seem to have all of the tools to success, others of us seem to have missed out on that day in school. Aina Leadership Becoming Superwoman Clubs are tailored to specifically meet the needs of individuals from around the world as they tackle the toughest question of all – how do I lead my own life? Our trained facilitators worldwide take groups of women through each step of the process, from figuring out where you want to go to finding the tools – and the community – that will get you there. Our programs are world-renown and get results – so if you’re ready to start leading your phenomenal life, we’re ready to stand with you as you do so.

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Lead Your Ohana

Ohana Leadership means “family” leadership in Hawaiian – and family is how you define it. Is family your work team, your spouse and children, your school mates, or something in between? However you define that Ohana, it needs your leadership – and our Aina Leadership Ohana Leadership workshops are specifically designed to show you how. Led by some of the top trainers from around the world, we give leaders the next step in the leadership chain – that is, how to develop leaders themselves. If you’re feeling frustrated by your team, alone in making the needle of progress move, or terrified to delegate – our trainings are for you. Designed to give top leaders the tools they need to pull leadership out of the diverse people around them, each workshop delivers specific skills to handle the aches and pains of leading any ohana – whatever that may be.

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Lead Your World

Already have leadership 1 & 2 handled – and feeling terrified of where the world is heading? You are not alone. The third pillar of leadership is stretching your capacity to lead your world – and that’s where our Aina Leadership Global Leader Retreats meet your demand. Because while you’re developing your Leadership 1 and Leadership 2, we’re giving, one for one, the same lessons to a vulnerable population – and we want you in on the bargain. Our innovative Retreats not only give you all of the tools you need to find your purpose, start a movement in your area, build influence, and develop lasting partnerships – they also bring you face-to-face with the problems that are confronting our world, and give you an opportunity to learn from them. Want to change the world? We have what you need.

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Aina Leadership Featured Trainings

Becoming Superwoman

Our Aina Leadership signature individual leadership program, this six-part series focuses on growing each individual with all of the most cutting-edge tools and skills, with trained facilitators and friends in a relaxed in-home atmosphere.

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Global Cultural Leadership

Our Aina Leadership facilitators come from around the world – and our training shows it. In this innovative training, we break the mold of “culture boxes” and start discussions that lead to creative solutions to taboo problems.

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mission statements for life

Often we can be motivated to help the world – but have not one clue where to start. Through our Aina Leadership group-based, interactive workshop we take each person through the steps needed to start on the path to life purpose – and develop the influence necessary to make it happen.

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What a few of Our fantastic clients have to say

This Aina Leadership program has transformed my life. From learning about my saboteurs to developing my ow leadership influence, I can truly say that this experience has been life-changing – and I wish every one of my friends could be a part of it
Student and aina alum, auburn univ.
Before the Aina Leadership Becoming Superwoman training, I was constantly restless – always on the search for more. Since the training, I’ve realized that that more is me – that the world needs more of me showing up in it, and now I have the tools to do so.
becoming superwoman alum

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