Volunteer Projects and Tutorials for trusted nonprofit organizationsAina (that’s eye-na, Hawaiian for Mother Earth) began in 2014 during the Ebola crisis. After experiencing the painful loss of a child herself, co-founder Carmen Westbrook knew firsthand the importance of helping hands and community in times of crisis and heartache. Feeling called to help with families feeling this new loss and devastation, Carmen called multiple international organizations to donate her considerable volunteer and project management skills to help the cause – with the idea that a volunteer corps could be started in the United States to create and gather needed supplies for families during and after medical care. After receiving the pat line “We just want money” from multiple sources, she decided that there must be a better way – and that she was perfectly situated to create the solution.

Thus was born Aina Giving.

Two major movements were growing in the underground – the Makers Movement and the Purpose-Driven (instead of Paycheck-Driven) Life. The Makers Movement was in its infancy and growing with diy-ers and creatives around the world. Simultaneously the new generation of leaders were more impressed with opportunities that actually created a better world, instead of creating more money. Aina was born to combine them both in an innovative way to create community-driven world change.

In 2015 Kristin joined the team as a fellow Uniting crafters and makers with charitable organizations for community driven volunteer world changeMama Aina, and together Carmen, Kristin, and local teammates identified trends in domestic and international issues and developed a vetting a screening process for nonprofit partners. 2016 saw us identifying the most world-changing of organizations that were addressing those issues, and in 2017 the movement took shape with technology innovation and the incorporation of Aina as a socially responsible for-profit company. 2018 is the year for creation and making, as we work to develop a project and tutorial for each of these issues and organizations that our Aina Ohana can do, from home, to build meaningful community and solve today’s most pressing issues with their own two hands.

It’s time to join the movement and make a better tomorrow.

Be a maker of purpose with one of our projects to change the world, and get not only the tutorial, but also all of the resources and research on why each issue – and organization – is so impactful and meaningful. Become a part of the Aina Ohana and receive one free project every month, as well as support and tips from other crafters and makers. It’s time to take action into our own very capable, diy hands and solve tomorrow’s problems, today.

Carmen Westbrook and Kristin Kachmar are the co-founders of Aina Giving. Follow @ainagiving on Instagram to see all of our latest projects, tutorials, and partner organizations.