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Time for your weekly dose of inspiration, motivation, and ACTION. Want to make the world a better place? Here are three amazing ways you can do so from home. Hello Kitty jammies not included.

It’s all About da Aina

“Save the Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate.”

Today is Earth Day, my friends, and in case you didn’t know, Aina means earth (a motherly earth) in Hawaiian – as in “whoa, brada, you gotta love on da aina.” Check out how to love on that Aina below.

OceanLove the ocean and want to help clean up that Texas-sized trash heap? Give money to this Aina-Approved org.

Save the Planet By Looking at StarsLove staring at the stars each night? Now you can discover new solar systems. No PhD required. Get the deets here.

Train up the Next Gen

“Dear Math, I am sick and tired of finding your ‘x’. Just accept the fact that she is gone.”

Spring has sprung, which means spring fever and standardized tests have hit the U.S. school system. It’s an ugly combination. Take action and make a difference in the state of education – both locally and internationally.

Kids In Need FoundationGet some much-needed supplies to teachers and schools that actually need them. Get the details of this project here.

ActionAidIn many parts of the world, girls aren’t able to go to school. Support this Aina-approved nonprofit as they work to change the future.

Give a Heart. Literally.

“Of course I’m an organ and tissue donor. Who wouldn’t want a piece of this?”

April is National Donate Life month, a time when we can all take a moment to consider whether we want to sign up online to be an organ donor. Even if you decide not to do so, you can still help – check out how below.

Organ Donor - Heart

Support this amazing Aina-approved organization as it helps to save lives and connect people through organ donation.

Organ Donation BlanketOrgan donation means a life, but also a loss. Make a blanket to wrap up families in their time of grief. Find out how you can help.

Talk Soon

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