Can I tell you a story about Superwoman?

When I was growing up, I fell in love with She-Ra. She-Ra was badass (and if you don’t know who she is, find an old-school video and watch it. Because she’s worth it). Born the Princess of Power, She-Ra would save her ridiculous brother He-Man from all his scrapes, ride around on Swift Wind, and wield her Sword of Protection as she mostly outsmarted all of the foes around her.

Dear Lord I wanted to be her.

And when I was about seven years old, my mother (fantastic mum) bought me a She-Ra costume – and I lived in that thing. I have a particular memory of me standing in front of the one tree that was in our front yard, wearing my costume of spangles and power, and holding forth that sword to any enemies that might come my way. And oh, how much I remember that fantastic little girl, fighting off the imaginary demons.

I carry that image around into head to this day. I carried it when I was giving birth to my three beautiful, healthy children – it helped me through the intense, bone-crushing pain, and gave me the strength I needed TO KNOW I COULD DO ANYTHING. I carried it with me when I lost my one, beautiful, not-quite-perfect baby girl – it helped me through the intense, soul-drenching pain of losing the small person that I loved MOST in this world (how I feel about all of my kiddos), and gave me the strength to know I could do anything. It helps me through ever marathon I run, every presentation I give, every freaking ridiculously scary new situation I’m in.

THAT’S the superwoman.

Want one of your own?

I’d like to let you in on a secret: you already have one.

Pish posh I hear you say. Nonsense and ridiculousness. Another blog promising the moon. I can’t get to the moon. Hell, I don’t even know if I WANT the moon.

Oh, the moon’s there for the plucking, my sister-friends. How to get there is our job.

Can I tell you another story?

For much of my life I forgot about this superwoman She-Ra that I carried around in my back pocket. I would pull her out only in times of intense hurt and strain…but in the everyday life? I would plow through, doing all of the things that were expected of me, taking care of all of the people that needed me. And I forgot one thing.

I forgot that I needed me. That I, Carmen, this woman with a beating heart and dreams and hopes for the future – that woman needed nurturing. And growing. And time and love and attention.

And somewhere along the way – about the time that I started being trained in Leadership development, when I started getting the tools and the secrets of the most successful people so that I could pass them on to CEOs and world leaders…about that time, I started realizing that this, in fact, was what we women need for our Superwoman lives. That all of these tools, these skills, that are being taught to the highest in the world? They’re what each one of us women that is raising the next generation, fighting our way through the lattice of the corporate world, leading our communities – they’re the tools that each of us need to grab hold of our own Superwoman life that’s calling to us. They’re the tools that allow us to take flight.

So that’s what this whole superwoman thing is about. It’s about freeing the shackles and taking flight on our own Swift Wind. It’s about raising our swords and charging forth, together, linked at the elbows. It’s about great love and massive courage and radical inclusion and conquering evil.

And because our sister-friends have helped us our whole lives long to find this Superwoman life…we’re swearing on our She-Ra boots that our sisterhood will get there with us. And so we’re building an empire of Superwomen around us, one Becoming Superwoman Club at a time – because we leave no superwoman behind.

That’s what Becoming Superwoman is all about.

Want to join us?

Find out more about Aina Giving and the Becoming Superwoman Club – and how you can join in the magic.