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Fiercely Yourself. Courageously Doing. Radically Inclusive. Those are the three hallmarks of everything we stand for at Aina – and our Becoming Superwoman programs tackle that first step in the Leadership Path. From learning your own values to discovering hidden inner resources, our Becoming Superwoman Program is structured as a 6-part book club – and combines both fun and transformation as you begin to shoot off into success as your own type of Superwoman.

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About Becoming Superwoman Clubs

Centered around our world-renown Becoming Superwoman book, the Becoming Superwoman programs build highly trained female facilitators each year – and turn them out into the community to lead their own self-leadership book clubs. Combining friendship, experience, fun, and world-class leadership training, our Becoming Superwoman Clubs are created to help each phenomenal woman reach the success that is calling to her. Wish you had a mentor at work? Struggling to figure out how to raise a family? Trying to fit it all in, while also staying true to yourself – whatever that might mean? Our team has been there – and has taken their own leadership and training certifications to give every woman the tools she needs to lead her own phenomenal life. Take the plunge with us – because it’s never too late to become a Superwoman.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How Does it Work?

It all begins with one woman – as do all great moments in history. One woman reads the Becoming Superwoman book, and decides it’s time she (and her friends) got the self-leadership skills that all of the successful people seem to magically have. She decides to start a club – a Becoming Superwoman Club – and reaches out to us to sign up for the next cohort. Once the cohort starts, all of our Becoming Superwoman leaders meet together for online training with our Superwoman staff – and learn all of the tools, the skills, and the leadership lessons necessary to lead her own Club. Meeting six times over nine months, each online workshop corresponds with one meeting of the book club – and equips each woman to build her own Superwoman team as she takes off into the life that’s been calling her name.

What’s the Commitment as a facilitator?

We ask our paid facilitators to only commit to the following three things (we’re all busy – we understand the juggle).

  • Commit to organizing and leading a group of at least 10-15 women that will be a part of a Becoming Superwoman book club, and will meet 6 times during the school year between September and May.
  • Commit to attending an online 1.5-hour training session 6 times between September and May – or watch the video if you cannot attend (although attendance is highly recommended as it’s an interactive training).
  • Commit to reading the Becoming Superwoman book and leading your group of women that have read it as well in growing their own self leadership.

Can I get paid?

Each of our Becoming Superwoman facilitators is paid $50/session, and is eligible for the opportunity to join our ranks of highly paid, highly sought-after world leadership trainers.

What’s the commitment as a club member?

We just ask you to read the book, show up to every meeting, come with an open mind, trust in the process, and have fun! That’s it. Oh, and get ready to have your life changed forever ;).

Do I invite my friends/people I know already or open it up to more people?

You can invite anyone you want – it will literally work with perfect strangers or the best of friends. The only thing that we recommend is that you invite a diverse group of people – diverse ages, diverse interests, diverse backgrounds. And that’s only because we’ve found that the conversations are richer there – we’ve done these type of workshops with INCREDIBLY homogenous groups as well and they’ve also found good value.

Do the women have to pay to be in the group, or just buy the book?

Just buy the book! We believe that every woman should have the tools to lead her own life – tools that seem to be in abundance in the old-boys club. We’d like to even the playing field, so the only commitment required from your group is their time, the money to buy the book, and their beginners mind as they work in the group and learn how to become Superwomen together.

Can I preview the book?

YES! If you’re kind of wandering what all of this is about and would like to get your toes wet before you dive in, contact us and we’ll send you the first chapter, free of charge. We’re so confident in our products that we are happy to give this gift to all of our Superwomen sisters out there.

What is your goal for the women in the group?

Our goal is that every woman gains all of the current best leadership skills and tools that are out there in order for them to lead phenomenal lives. Because we don’t think leadership training should just be for the rich and the CEOs, it should be for the women that are out there leading their families and communities. And we do this as a book club because leadership in isolation is too much – so we build for each woman a cadre of Superwomen that support them as they rise to success.

It may be hard for me to come up with 10-15 women that I know personally…

Yep, we get that – and we’ve found that each of our women have been able to do so. Leadership training benefits so much from the experience and support of multiple people – we know you can do it! You can have friends invite friends (kind of like a Stella and Dot party), post on community Facebook Pages, and form Meetup Groups. And shoot to invite double the amount you want – that generally works out to be the right number of rsvps.

Do I get trained in all 6 workshops first, or one at a time?

Excellent question – we do our training one at a time. So as you’re learning all of these skills, you are turning right around and teaching them to others. We women tend to be very good at this – multi-taskers and nurturers that we are. We have found this to be an incredibly effective way to push each one of our Superwomen to the levels that they can achieve – if they only have someone that shows them the way and believes in them as they climb.

How do the actual meetings go?

The online training meetings with our staff are conducted through zoom, and last 1.5 hours. The Becoming Superwoman Clubs that you lead…well, that’s up to you! You will have 1.5 hours of each meeting that you conduct as a facilitator to lead the group through a discussion of the book and leadership concepts. The rest of the time can be taken up with coffee, wine, playgroup activities, bible study, yoga, work brainstorming, or nightclub dancing. It really doesn’t matter how you structure it – what matters is that you start becoming the superwoman that’s been trapped inside, all this time.

Can I have a co-facilitator?

Yes, yes, and more yes! Our particular leadership training style is, as are all of the best trainings, incredibly interactive. Having been trained in the co-active style of coaching and leadership, we love co-leaders; in fact, we structure the workshops so that the participants become co-leaders themselves. If you have a co-facilitator in mind, by all means – ask her to join you. You can split the income from each workshop, and grow your support for each other even stronger. It’s a win-win situation. If you have in mind a co-facilitator model, please be sure to mention that when you contact us!

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