Broke and Busy: Why Being a College Student Shouldn’t Stop You From Living Your Purpose

Ashley Franklin

April 12, 2016

College is a hectic time when we, college students, are busy finding out about ourselves, defining our goals, defining personal interests and ambitions, exploring relationships, and challenging beliefs we were taught as children. Oh, and on top of all that, we also find time to go to class, do homework, and feed ourselves (we sleep sometimes too). It’s hard to make time to help others, no matter how badly we may want to.

My college experience has been filled with all of the wonderful things it’s supposed to be and more, but I still find myself unable to do some of the things I love, one of which happens to be volunteering. I do a lot of things, just like nearly every other college student, and it’s hard to find time to go volunteer as much as I’d like to.

It’s true, too, that I don’t have any idea where I would begin to plan or how I would pay for such excursions. I don’t keep up with the news as much as I should (oops), and I certainly don’t have enough money to travel to places where people could use my help. It’s easy to feel useless and small in a world where crazy events and devastating disasters are the only “news things” we hear about on our Facebook feeds.

With my busy schedule and seemingly tiny existence, I often find myself stuck, feeling like I can’t make a difference, or don’t know what I could do to make a difference anyways. Many of us may feel like we have the desire, but not the time nor the proper outlet that allows us to volunteer.

This is where Aina can help. Every month they compile a list of crafts you can make or supplies you can collect to send away to those in need. It gives you a way to help from your dorm, on your own time, and with your personal budget. The hardest part is already done for you – the research and finding a credible organization!

Aina is awesome because it gives you the tools and ideas you may feel have been lacking in your quest to help others. With practical, doable projects, volunteering has never been easier. I now feel like I can revive my passion for volunteering without disrupting my already busy schedule (and without spending an arm and a leg on a trip halfway across the world). Seriously, what college student has time to go Syria for a volunteer trip? Certainly not me, but I now have all the resources I need in order to help in my free time. Although I may not be able to show my support by visiting faraway places, I can put my heart into my donation and send that love to people in need – and you can too. It’s as easy as joining Aina; and live your purpose today.

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Carmen is Aina’s CEO. She’s the lady that drinks a lot of coffee and dreams big dreams.

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