Help Children in Developing Nations Suffering from Heart Disease: Make them a Going-Home Kit.

help a child with heart disease in developing nations

There is a bad-ass organization that is helping kids and teens in developing nations get the heart surgeries they need. Little known fact: kiddos with defective hearts born in these countries have a really, really low likelihood of even being diagnosed, much less get the surgery they need. Not only does Heart Care International’s pro bono medical teams go in and carry out procedures to cut down on the long waiting lines for heart surgeries, but they also train up local medical peeps to be able to do it on their own in the future. So. Awesome. Where do you come in? Make a super easy, fun and full o’ love kit to send home with these kiddos after surgery. Get all of the deets. How can you do that? We’ve got all of the deets below…

OrganizationHeart Care International

The Low-Down:

Heart Care International’s mission is to provide high quality and compassionate surgical and medical care pro-bono to needy children and young adults with heart disease in developing countries. Their medical missions are staffed by medical professionals who donate their time and services. Medical supplies and equipment are donated from medical companies or purchased through philanthropic donations. Super huge? They also train host-country medical professionals to perform diagnostic and surgical therapy in order to function independently into the future. Their missions have two objectives: 1) to provide practical cardiac training to local medical professionals; and 2) to reduce the long list of indigent children in need of life-saving surgical treatment. Heart Care International will provide free high quality evaluation and treatment to children who are in need of heart care.

The Deets:

  1. Make an awesome going home kit for kiddos after they receive this surgery. You can either make a cute, easy bag, or buy one like this one on Amazon.
  2. Fill it up with everything a child in a third world that just got heart surgery might need! Well, this isn’t everything, but it’s a start.
    • Motivational Card to spread the Aina. We love this one.
    • Journal and Colored Pencils so they can write it all out of them. Sometimes we just need to draw pics or write that crap down when we’re feeling stuck in bed.
    • A first aid kit including gauze, surgical tape, iodine, and a digital thermometer (a seriously hot commodity in developing nations). Want a SUPER robust first aid kit? Check out the Red Cross specs here.
  3. Pop it all into a box and mail it off to:

Heart Care International
139 East Putnam Ave
Greenwich, CT  06830

Don’t forget to include a Giving Card to make it all personal!

Want some more info on this awesome org? Email them at

Head over to our Giving Cards and include one in your package to make a personal connection on our Aina Connections Wall!


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