Become a Lady of Liberty: Send Care packages to female soldiers

Female soldiers are not only super airman-1-1549618awesome, but man, can you imagine being a chick deployed with a bunch of men? Not only gross, but holy cow, it’s gotta be interesting to be out on patrol and need another tampon. I’m just sayin’. So yeah, pretty sure these ladies could use some extra support. This giving project is perfect for an individual or with kiddos – so cool to teach small people to appreciate the sacrifices of soldiers, not to mention show them how badass girls can be. Adopt a female soldier and become a Lady of Liberty.

OrganizationSoldier’s Angels

The Low-Down:

The Ladies of Liberty Team (LoL) is an all-female volunteer team who focuses on the specific needs of deployed female service members. We not only assist with basic care package items, but we also provide supplies for a woman’s unique health and hygiene needs. We also send scented lotions, make up, and other items to help them experience a few pampering moments to rejuvenate themselves and remind them that they are ladies, even in the environment of war. We understand that women are instrumental in the current war, as in past conflicts, and we make special efforts to support and encourage them while demonstrating our great appreciation for their service.

We on Ladies of Liberty Team are honored to support today’s heroic deployed women, whose patriotism, courage, and perseverance are shaping our nation on a daily basis–in the same tradition as those two million American women who have served before them from the American Revolution to the World Wars to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Deets:

Check out all of the specs on joining Team Angel here – basically you are going to be getting the info for a soldier and will need to do monthly reports on what you’ve been up to. This is such an amazing organization, if you’re really into soldier support and want to make a big impact there, this opportunity is totally for you!

Head over to our Giving Cards and include one in your package to make a personal connection on our Aina Connections Wall!

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