Helping Families Battling Childhood Illness with Casey Cares

The Story

If anyone has ever gone through it, they know that one of the worst, most challenging, most dividing things a family can go through is the serious illness or loss of a child. Carmen, one of the Mamas Aina, lost a baby girl, and she knows - she's written about how it left her a smudge on the floor.

A child with a life threatening illness becomes a ripple in the water, affecting the entire family structure. Quite often, at least one parent must leave the workplace focusing full attention on their sick child. The other parent may have to take on a second job; the other siblings may receive little attention. And unless there is support of some kind, each day is one of overwhelming medical, emotional and financial stress and anguish you can't even imagine.

The Organization

Casey Cares

The Low-Down

The Casey Cares Foundation understands that although they can't cure the heart-wrenching illnesses, they can support the families in compassionate and creative ways. As one social worker states, "Casey Cares is like this little jewel that then gets placed in their lives to help provide opportunities for these children and their families to relax, laugh, celebrate, and be recognized as the special people they are."

The Casey Cares Foundation has a dedicated team of caring staff with years of experience in the field of helping critically ill children, many of who volunteer their time. They are dedicated to providing uplifting programs with a personal touch for critically ill children and their families.

Casey Cares is an Aina-approved AMAZAR organization that helps out during these times. What sets them apart is that they don't just help the child that's experiencing the illness - they help out the whole family. They help keep families' spirits high - whether it's a simple movie night and a fresh pair of pajamas or attending a major sporting event - and makes lasting memories for families. Talk about walking with families in need. Now you can walk with them too.

The Project

Hope Dolls

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