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Why do we do what we do? We envision a future where people can make a difference in the world, right from their own home. We envision a future with a community of the world, where people that are at the end of their rope and feeling helpless can reach out - and find a hand that is filled with love, hope, and help, instead of just money. We've got the internet, peeps - let's use it for good. We also see how insanely hard it is to figure out how to change that world for the better, so we thought we'd spend 150 hours every day on figuring that out for you.

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How does it work? Aina WorldChangers use two easy ways to be give more than just money.

  1. Aina sends out a weekly email to our subscribers to let them know what's been up in the world that week. Then we tell them about some awesome people that are changing those specific issues, and amazing ways that you, as an individual at home, can be a part of that change. Not signed up yet? Put your email below and start the awesomeness.
  2. If you want to check it out all on your own, you can look at our ongoing lists of projects - check them out by Cause or by Project Type. We'll give you the low-down on the project, the organization you're giving it to, and where to send your stuff.

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