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January 8, 2016 Edition

Soo, About That Topic You Can’t Talk to Your Friends About

Taking the bang out of gang bangin’

Yep, we’re talking guns people. This topic made BIG news this week, from the standoff in Oregon (epic, my fellow westies. For. REALS.) to the President’s announcement of new restrictions on gun sales, it’s ALL over the news. So, while we can’t all seem to figure out how to agree on that one, we can pretty much get behind helping victims of gun violence. Why is this a big deal? Because in 2015 almost 10,000 people were killed by guns, and over 20,000 were injured by them. Good. Grief. Here are some phenomenal programs that are actually making a difference – and now you can be a part of it, too.

No time for partying.

While quilting is probably the BEST EVER excuse for a Giving Party with the ladies, we totally understand the insanity of life. And these two orgs? They’re amazing, they’re doing something huge, and they’re shifting our paradigm. Cure Violence looks at gun violence as an epidemic – it actually follows the growth and spread just like an epidemic disease – and does what all public health officials do in the face of a crisis: cuts it off at the source. The Wraparound Project grabs a victim of violence when they’re most vulnerable – when they’re at the hospital after being shot – and wraps them up in amazing services (job shadowing, anyone?) to show them a different way of life and break the cycle. Chooses one, choose both, throw em a $10.

I’m ready to do this.

Help Make a Memory Quilt for Victims of Gun Violence

Quilt End Gun Violence

One of the worst parts of gun violence? Losing someone without getting to say goodbye. What can you do about that? Make a memory quilt, my friend. Make a quilt. Moms Demand Action is making quilts with fabric donated by victims affected by gun violence (think wedding dress of teacher at Sandy Hook) to raise awareness. Check out the deets.


Oh Kim Jong-Un. You never cease to amaze.

“They hate us because they ain’t us!” (The Interview)

So yeah. About that small earthquake that North Korea created by detonating a nuke. It’s all over the news, and no wonder – if you’re wondering, watch The Interview and then read this for the low-down. In the meantime, let’s figure something out about this whole weapons disarmament thing, ladies. Because whether you think everyone should disarm but the Big 3 (because who are we kidding here) or if you think total nuke disarmament is the only way forward, we can all agree that Kim Jong-Un probably shouldn’t be on that nuke-having list.

I’m ready to do this.

Help Stop Nukes - DivestmentWrite a Letter for Divestment in Nukes

How exactly do we, from home, have any impact on nukes? Remember that little thing called apartheid? One of the most influential things that the outside world did to cause the collapse of apartheid was divestment – stopping investment in companies dealing in South Africa. And now you, my friend, can do the same for disarmament. Guess what? No fewer than 221 financial institutions in the U.S. invest in nuke building. Including Allstate. And Bank of America. So write a letter to your bank, call them, or write an article for your local paper. Check out how you can help.

No time for partying.


No time to get that thing done? We got ya covered. There is this AMAZING organization (APOPO) – I think it’s actually my favorite – that trains rats (yep, rats) to sniff out bombs so people can effectively and safely disarm them. Apparently rats have special sniffers that are perfect for this task. So what can you do? YOU CAN ADOPT A HERO RAT. No joke. How cool is that? You get to name your virtual guy and everything. Check out how awesome they are in this video – it’s beyond rad.

Refugees Are A’Comin – And they’re Freakin Out, Man!

“No Mr. Grinch, my heart isn’t two sizes too small. My shoes are just too tight.” Oh bananas these boots.

So all of that news you’ve been hearing from refugees flooding in? Yep, it’s already happening here in the U.S. – although in insanely smaller numbers – and they’re coming freaked the heck out by what Americans will do to them (they get a pre-briefing before they board the flight that America hates em. No joke). Why should you care? Because these people are COMING, peeps, and we can either ostracize them and bomb them (yep, that happened), or we can help them become a part of the community and hopefully, hopefully, if any of them have bad intentions, we can convince them that America is just that darn wonderful. Gotta cut off the recruiting before it happens. What can you do? I’m so glad you asked :).

No time for partying.

This week too nuts? HELLO – a Giving Party with your girls (wine included) might be just the thing you need to chillax (yep, I said that word). But never fear, you’ve got another option. There’s this awesome org in Seattle that’s helping refugees assimilate into the U.S. – ReWA, or Refugee Women’s Alliance. They seriously are doing amazing things, from language classes (complete with childcare) to culture classes that teach refugees that in America, you can make cartoons of Muhammed. That whole free speech thing. If you want to give to help this cause, start here.

I’m ready to do this.

Make a Hooded Towel for Refugees

hooded towel for refugees in the united states
Because being insanely jet-lagged in a foreign country after being bombed out of your house and not speaking a lick of English? Bananas hard. Get the deets here.

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