The Story

The Syrian Civil War, which began in 2011, has displaced roughly 13.5 million Syrians as of end of year 2016. According to Wikipedia, “more than 6 million are internally displaced within Syria, and over 4.8 million are refugees outside of Syria. In January 2017, UNHCR counted 4,863,684 registered refugees. Turkey is the largest host country of registered refugees with over 2.7 million Syrian refugees.

Assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) within Syria, and Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries, is planning largely through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In 2016, pledges have been made to the UNHCR, by various nations, to permanently resettle 170,000 registered refugees.” Currently Italy is seeing an overall increase in refugees - also from war-torn Nigeria and Eritrea - as opposed to the overall decrease seen in the rest of Europe (according to the BBC).

The Organization

Centro Welcome

Centro Welcome is a refugee organization headquartered in downtown Rome, Italy. Volunteer-driven, this organization focuses on helping women and children refugees. Started in 1990, the Center is open for 2 hours every weekday to hear and help with issues (getting a visa, finding work, etc) as well as to distribute donations (diapers, clothes, formula, etc) to the refugees. In addition, Centro Welcome offers free italian language classes to all refugees in Rome, and works to build solidarity between refugees and Italian citizens. You can visit them at
Your Buddies for Bambinos party basket includes everything you and your friends need to throw a party to help refugee families that have escaped to Italy! The Party Basket includes all the supplies, a step-by-step tutorial, shopping links, and an overview of the issue and organization. This project is easy enough for children as small as 7 to tackle. It’s the perfect craft for any parent, civic group, or church leader.
Aina Giving and Centro Welcome team up to bring you Buddies for Bambinos, a party kit to help refugee families in Italy

Buddies for Bambinos Party Basket


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