What do you do to change the world

What do you do to change the world?

Quite big words – and addressed directly towards me!? Like it’s my responsibility?

I often find myself in an uninspired state of mind when reading headlines or articles concerning this topic. For some odd reason it feels like I am being accused for being responsible for world peace, climate change, famine and every tiny bit of plastic in the ocean all at once. “For heaven sake!” is my first reaction. I feel irritated and drained and instantaneously drawn to any other activity that will occupy my mind.


Not something I want to confront. It connects directly with an emotion of helplessness about everything that is wrong in the world. At the same time, it hits every single feeling of guilt I have for my own actions that do not contribute in the right direction. I end up just feel bad and the opposite of inspired to contribute even the smallest action.

“Because what just you do doesn’t matter anyway!”, some people tell me. “Your actions are like a drop of water in the vast ocean”, they say. “Your actions compared to the impact of institutional and governmental change is nothing”. Is it true? My mind debates in all directions as I feel stupid even thinking that little me could make a difference. “But isn’t the world made up of “little you’s and me’s”?”, I ask them. “Isn’t the sum of us the entire human race?” This debate can go on and on, and last year I made a simple decision that I have been sticking with since:

If you think something is wrong, you do something to fix it.

If your car is broken go to the garage and get it fixed, or you’re out of toothpaste go to the grocery store and buy more. If you see someone kicking his dog, you (hopefully) approach the maniac and ask him to stop. And if you think industrial farming is cruel, you go and buy organic meat – or turn vegan. My point is, if you think something is wrong, you don’t just sit there and do nothing. And how can we sit here and do nothing when the world more than ever needs people that do a lot?!

To not feel so helpless and uninspired by the “what are you doing to save the world” – question we need to inspire one another. We need to be able to see how small – and perhaps what that seems to be simple and unimportant actions – can be really powerful and infused with great meaning. We need to establish a connection to our self, a connection to what is important in life and what is true to us.
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Article Contributed by Guest Blogger Guro Thane Ekne, mindfulness and consciousness leader. You can find more by Guro at Ekne Development.

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What do you do to change the world?

by Sharon Njoki time to read: 2 min