Effective leadership forms the foundation of every successful organization.

From large corporations to military units, the importance of securing and retaining trained leaders is integral, and often overlooked.

We are Aina Leadership, a comprehensive professional leadership training program offering unique, inclusive workshops and powerful leadership learning experiences.

We believe that every team member, soldier, CEO, and new hire has the potential to become a great leader, and we have the tools to make it happen.

Discover Untapped Leadership Potential in Your Organization

At Aina Leadership, we offer a unique combination of 20+ years of integrated leadership training and access to strategic partners. Our leadership learning workshops are interactive, effective, and give your organization the tools to develop and support your team’s powerful leadership potential.

Our philosophy is simple: we work to assess your organization’s specific learning requirements, then customize effective workshops to fill the gaps and build on what you are already doing well.

Leadership Problems? We Can Tackle Them.

Our skilled workshop facilitators know their topics inside and out. They have the certifications, degrees, and real world experience to provide powerful learning experiences that your team won’t forget. We don’t expect your team to be perfect, and with our signature commitment to inclusivity, we will never judge.

No leadership challenge is off limits. In fact, we have seen every mistake in the books, so no matter what your organization is dealing with, we know how to help you fix it!

  • Effective and Motivating Feedback and Accountability
  • Managing and Leading Diverse Team Dynamics
  • Active Listening to Foster Effective Team Communication
  • Overcoming Unconscious Roadblocks that Block Success
  • Allocating Organizational Resources Efficiently and Effectively
  • Learning the Keys to Your Authentic Leadership
  • Connecting Your Purpose-Driven, Authentic Leadership Within Your Organization
  • Develop Individual Responsibility for Professional and Personal Success
  • Creating and Leading in all Leadership Areas
  • Becoming an Influence-Leader Within Your Organization
  • Servant Leadership and Serving as a Leader
  • Leadership Techniques that Enable Lateral Movement
  • Balancing Leadership and Management, and Knowing When to Employ Both
  • Retaining Effective, Purpose-Driven Team Members
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Personal Responsibility and Effective Decision-Making in Conflict
  • Identifying and Growing Your Leadership Style
  • Gaining Empowering Perspectives
  • Defining the Impact You Want to Have Within Every Situation
  • Developing a Culture of Positivity and Impact
  • Motivating and Maintaining a High Performance Team
  • Developing Self-Responsibility, Authority, and Ownership Within Teams
  • Fostering Growth and Maximizing Diverse Talent
  • Mastering the Tools of Coaching as a Leader
  • Handling Difficult Conversations as a Leader
  • Holding People Accountable in An Effective and Responsive Style
  • Leadership Through Change and Transformation
  • Developing and Applying Effective Strategy
  • Building Strong, Collaborative, Self-Driven Teams

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