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Help for Ecuador Earthquake

We’re getting updates as they come about the Ecuador Earthquake, and will be posting as we get them. It seems currently that the current situation is worse than previously reported and getting more dire as time goes on.  Current and immediate needs are:

Freeze-Dried/No-cook food
Mosquito repellant and mosquito netting

Food is needed as, while money is being distributed, there’s no food to actually buy. People are mostly unable to cook their food, so camping food is a good option. Mosquitos are becoming a big problem as well, and sheets are needed for a variety of reasons.

We will be giving out the address to mail items to through our email newsletter – we will not be posting this address up on our site. If you’d like to receive this address, please sign up for our newsletter, and please also give us an idea as soon as you can as to how many boxes/what type of items you’ll be sending.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief

Thanks, all you wonderful people. Let’s reach across this world and grab some hands in need!

Talk Soon,
Carmen, Kristin, and Natalie

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Mamas Aina

Carmen & Kristin

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