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Female Empowerment: Stahili Foundation and Muranga’a, Kenya

Female Empowerment isn’t just something that happens when we combine money and wishes. Our programs, designed by top leadership developers and executive coaches around the world, deliver both leadership skills, sustainable community-building coaching curriculum, and incubator-style business development. The results speak for themselves:

In November of 2018 we travelled to Muranga’a, Kenya (just 1.5 hours north of Nairobi), to begin working in our female empowerment programs with a group of economically disadvantaged women. This group of women was identified by an accredited organization, Stahili Foundation, and was co-facilitated by the Stahili team members. These women are extremely economically disadvantaged – so much so that, when approached by individuals offering to take their babies into an orphanage – with the promise of education and food – many of these women gave up their children, believing they would have a better life than the one they could provide. They found out later that these orphanages were, in fact, human trafficking orphanages, and were used to lure western tourists into the area to help with the orphans – at a hefty fee – and in the in-between times were forced into child labor. With the help of Stahili Foundation, these women over a period of years were able to reclaim their children. However, the reality of their extreme poverty still existed; that’s where our programs come in.


We delivered a three-hour female empowerment workshop to 26 women that focused on getting them to visualize the future they wanted to create – and build accountability partners within the group to take the small steps necessary to get there. We also fed the women lunch, and gave them a small reimbursement for the day (roughly 5 dollars). We left, promising to return to continue delivering the full 12 month program.


While flying home two days after the female empowerment workshop, we received a message from one of the Stahili staffers, telling us how much the workshop had impacted the women and given them that hope and vision of a better future that they needed. In fact, the women were so empowered with this workshop, that one of the women took the reimbursement, bought some oranges, and set up a business at the market. This is her at her market:

Female Empowerment Muranga'a

This exemplifies the power of these female empowerment programs – imagine, from just one 3-hour workshop, the impact that this will have on her family and her children and their education and opportunities for the future. Not only that, but two months later we received another message telling us that not only was her business still operating, but she had expanded to selling peas and carrots as well.


This happened from a 5 dollar reimbursement and 3 hours of female empowerment leadership development.


We invite you to join us. Our female empowerment programs have a phenomenal impact on ALL of the diverse individuals – government leaders, moms, and vulnerable populations – that we develop. Join us in developing a strong base of female leadership throughout the world that continues to move forward the economies and communities of tomorrow.


Update: 3 female empowerment workshops into the program, this woman had become completely economically dependent from the NGO, paying off all of her children’s school fees.


Further Update: 1.5 years later, this woman is now part of a self-sufficient group of mothers in Muranga’a, a group that has formed a Merry-Go-Round collective and pulled in other women in the community. Now good friends of ours, they are in the process of starting a chicken coop regenerative agriculture process and registering as a community-based organization.

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Female Empowerment: Stahili Foundation and Muranga’a, Kenya

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