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Future Leadership: Auburn University

Our future leadership is in the hands of the next generation – and if we are to build creative solutions for tomorrow’s issues, we must teach our youth the leadership skills of today. Our Philanthropy-focused leadership program with Auburn University delivers just that.

Schools and Universities around the world are looking for ways to give the IQ, EQ, and CQ – Cultural Intelligence – that will be demanded of tomorrow’s strongest leaders. In order to to cultivate an understanding of diverse cultures, a deep appreciation of the need for purpose-driven decision-making, and a deep-dive into the leadership techniques given to the most talented in corporations and governments, Auburn University united with Aina Giving to deliver a six-part leadership series.


Our increasingly globalized world demands that our students and children know how to navigate complex dynamics, understand their own inner resources, and lead teams, communities, families, and nations into collective, creative decision-making. As is commonly known – and cherished – at the C-Suite levels,


Every Organizational Problem is a Leadership Problem

Yet that can be a daunting proposition to the youngest of our leadership teams. While our top-level executive clients love this phrase – because it grants them the power to propel their organization – often our younger clients tend to shrivel at this suggestion. Auburn University, in its foresight, decided to incorporate philanthropy-driven leadership lessons to their study abroad students, that they might learn the strengths and lessons to shine when problems arise in any organization


With this six-part series, our world-class trainers united to develop a curriculum that was unique to college students – and also challenging. By challenging their assumptions about the world, breaking them out of the culture in which they had been raised, delving into their own complex strengths and weaknesses, and developing each cohort as a team with team strengths, this training delivered a punch – and continues to reap benefits to this day. As one of the participants said, “I want to tie it up in a pretty bow – but I know now that’s not the way the world works. I’m ready to go off and face the uncertainties that life hands me, knowing that my purpose will unfold the more I persevere.”


Leadership in action, in the leaders of our future. We at Aina Giving rest easily at night knowing those students are trained to pick up the baton where we leave off.

If you would like bridge-building leadership development for your team, contact us and set up your free consultation on how our Archetypal Leadership© team training can propel your organization’s mission and unity.

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Future Leadership: Auburn University

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