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How will you change the world?

Leadership doesn’t stop with self or group – and our Leadership 3 conquers the world. So often we’ve found dedicated Leadership 2-qualified individuals that want to help their communities – they just don’t know how. Enter our Global Leader Retreats. Partnering with local, small, ethical NGOs, we take leaders through all of the steps necessary to find their purpose – and start using it to change the world.

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Aina Leadership Programs

Aina’s Global Leader Retreats

Being a worldchanger takes fierce courage and dedication – and a little bit of expertise. While we all yearn to change the world, making it actually happen can feel insurmountable. Aina’s Global Leader Retreats are a five-day life-changing experience to courageously explore your own impact-driven leadership and challenge your perceived limits. Each retreat forms a 12-person bond of community in the wilderness and forges your new path to truly taking on world change. From Kenya to Delhi to Rome and beyond, join us as we test our limits, rub up against today’s toughest problems, and learn our truths from vulnerable populations. Because it’s not enough to just lead small – it’s time to lead the world. Join us as we show you how.