Did you know that 80% of children in orphanages aren’t actually orphans?

Worldwide, more than 80% of these children have one or more parents alive – and many, many more have families that can take care of them.

So why on earth do we have so many orphanages?

There’s an abundance of orphanages because many of these institutions recruit children to attract foreign volunteers. They go to the families, tell them that they’ll take care of the kids and give them an education, and instead stick them in an “orphanage” and sell voluntour packages to people that are just looking to help the world.

Could people be more despicable?

Ok. Stop feeling awful and pick yourself up from the floor. Because this isn’t another story about how terrible the world is. This is a story about a small organization called Stahili – and how you can help them change the world.

Stahili’s Story

About 2 years ago, we Mamas Aina were introduced to Stahili. And we almost instantly fell in love. Why? Because Michelle, Stahili’s founder, upon learning that she’d inadvertently volunteered at one of those child trafficking orphanages in Kenya, didn’t go the route of “well I guess I just can’t help anybody.” She didn’t decide that “all nonprofits must be dirty.” And she didn’t fall down and call the world a horrible place and stop watching the news because it’s all just too terrible to think about.

Nope. Despite feeling insanely awful, Michelle dove in headfirst to stop injustice and save those same kiddos from the human trafficking she had inadvertently supported.


We love that. We LOVE THAT. Can I say it louder?? WE LOVE THAT!! She didn’t blame others. She didn’t cry and call the world a bad place. She didn’t stick her head in the sand. She used her skills, connected with experts, and worked to solve the problem. She jumped in to help the children who had been trafficked – and the families that had been duped by the traffickers.

Guess what? Now you can too.

Be a Stahili Champion

Stahili Foundation is teaming up with Aina Giving to bring you a phenomenal project that you can do to stand in the gap with Michelle and battle human trafficking. We’re not asking you to travel to Kenya and start up an NGO because, frankly, not all of us are human rights lawyers like Michelle and even know HOW to do that. Nope.

We’re asking you to take part in a hands-on project that is meaningful, full of impact – and that you can do from home. A project that will transport you to Kenya, to the very villages where Stahili works, to touch the lives of the families in need there – and to give them your help.

So call up ten of your favorite people and declare a Stahili party. Join Project: Pencils for Hope and take action to change the world. Introduce your friends to Michelle, and tell them the story of why you love Stahili. Take a pledge to take action together to create a community of Stahili Champions. Because if we want to save Stahili’s sons and daughters, we’re all going to need to do it together – and the time to change the future is now.

Join Project: Pencils for Hope

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