Be a Stargazer and Help Save the Planet.

Save the Earth With StargazingCurrently we only have one ball to live on, and yes, we prob need to take care of it (if only because it’s the only one anyone’s found that contains chocolate). Seeing the Earth from space in the 60s changed the way people looked at this beautiful planet of ours – all of a sudden it was a small dot in the cosmos. If you love looking at the universe and fancy yourself an amateur astronomer (or have NO experience but just think it’s cool), this project will sing to your soul. And if you do nothing else, watch this Ted Talk. It’s AMAZING.

OrganizationPlanet Hunters

The Low-Down:

On December 16, 2010, the Zooniverse launched the original Planet Hunters to enlist the public’s help to search data from the NASA’s Kepler spacecraft for the characteristic drop in light due to an orbiting extrasolar planets (exoplanets) crossing in front of their parent stars.

Back then Zooniverse didn’t know what they would find. The project was a gamble on the ability of human pattern recognition to beat machines just occasionally and spot the telltale dip from a transiting planet that was missed by automated routines looking for repeating patterns. It may have been the case that no new planets were discovered and that computers had the job down to a fine art.

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The gamble paid off. The original Planet Hunters project discovered a bounty of unknown planet candidates and several confirmed planets, resulting from the efforts of nearly 300,000 volunteers worldwide.

Our MOST FAVE DISCOVERY??? Check out this Ted talk on the most mysterious star in the universe. It’ll blow your mind.

The Deets:

Ready to do this thing? It literally couldn’t be any easier. And if you get addicted and want to check out their other citizen-action projects to save the earth, check out the full list of Zooniverse projects.

Go here. Watch the short tutorial. Discover Planets. Drop the mic.

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