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help a veteran make a hero dog care kit
Little known fact: often when our soldiers come back from war they get almost immediately moved on to another unit (needs of the military and all). While this helps our fighting force to be incredibly powerful (spread out expertise and share!), it tends to be tough on a veteran to lose all of his battle buddies – especially if he’s struggling with PTSD or injuries. Enter Hero Dogs, a super awesome organization that trains up man’s (and woman’s!) best friends to be helper dogs for veterans. Best and coolest part?? You can help train them up too. How can you do that? We’ve got all of the deets below…

OrganizationHero Dogs

The Low-Down:

Hero Dogs, Inc. provides service dogs to Veterans who:

  • have served in any branch of the uniformed services in any era; and
  • have received an honorable or a general (under honorable conditions) discharge; and
  • have a disabling medical condition (does not need to be service-connected); and
  • have been released from all service and reserve obligations; and
  • have met all Hero Dogs’ requirements for application into the program, applied, and been accepted into the program; and
  • have successfully completed all required Hero Dogs training and certification requirements.

There is no cost to a Veteran for the service dogs they raise, train, and place, or for the training they provide.

The Deets:

You’ve got THREE awesome ways to help this organization! LOVE. IT.

  1. Train up a Hero Dog!!! Ummm extra bonus: you get to have a ridiculously cute puppy live with you for two months. Downside? You gotta live within 45 minutes of their facility. But if you’re nearby, honestly, read all of the deets and fill out an application. These pups are amazing. And will help you decide if you want to take that plunge into full dog ownership!
  2. So you don’t live within 45 minutes. What can you do? Hero Dogs is constantly looking for squeaky toys and training items for their pups, so check out their Amazon wishlist and put together a puppy care kit! Kiddos LOVE this one, and it’s so fun to pick out cute dog toys for the little fuzz balls (the dogs, not the kiddos).
  3. Want to teach up some peeps about the need to help veterans AND have a fun Giving Party? Invite all of your dog lover peeps (and their four legged friends!) over for an animal kingdom playdate, and ask everyone to bring at least one of these supplies. Then pop them all into a box and mail them off to:

Hero Dogs
P.O. Box 64
Brookeville, MD  20833

Contact with any questions!

Head over to our Giving Cards and include one in your package to make a personal connection on our Aina Connections Wall!

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