Help Stop Nukes – Divestment.
Help Stop Nukes - Divestment

How exactly do we, from home, have any impact on nukes? Remember that little thing called apartheid? One of the most influential things that the outside world did to cause the collapse of apartheid was divestment – stopping investment in companies dealing in South Africa. And now you, my friend, can do the same for disarmament. Guess what? No fewer than 221 financial institutions in the U.S. invest in nuke building. Including Allstate. And Bank of America. So fire up that email, ladies. How can you do this? We’ve got all of the deets below…

OrganizationICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons)

The Low-Down:

ICAN has identified more than 300 banks, pension funds, insurance companies and asset managers in 30 countries with substantial investments in nuclear arms producers. Here’s the list for the U.S. Their study Don’t Bank on the Bomb provides details of financial transactions with 20 companies that are heavily involved in the manufacture, maintenance and modernization of US, British, French and Indian nuclear forces.

The Deets:

  1. Figure out if your one of your financial institutions is investing in nukes – because if they are, you are. I’m honestly such a hypocrite on this – I think we just shouldn’t make any more. If you think nukes are bad, mmkay, then write an email to your financial institution and let them know.
  2. iCan has a TON of other ways to help (some of them frankly loony), so if this sings to your soul, get down on it here.

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