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One of the parts of the Orlando shooting story that struck us the most was that the shooter called the police during the attack. Can you imagine? You’ve dedicated your life to helping others, you know how to do so, and you’re helpless to do anything to stop it. These peeps need our love, Aina Fam. How can you do that? We’ve got all of the deets below…


Team Rubicon

The Low-Down:

Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. This group of peeps is called TR Nation (love it!). Team Rubicon defines TR Nation as:

The prodigious, good-looking, and service-minded team of volunteers and supporters fueling the relief machine that is Team Rubicon (TR). Some members of TR Nation are inked and bearded. Some, white-collared and tech-savvy. Several are svelte and nimble, while others have never owned a garment without an “XL” on the tag. Most are foul-mouthed, good-humored, and typically advocate for wearing silkies/ranger panties in the workplace.

One hundred percent of TR Nation cares about service. They want to help communities affected by disasters and they care about giving veterans another chance to serve after taking off the uniform. TR Nation is also über generous with their donations – be it time, smarts, sweat, or dollars.

Whether you deployed on a relief operation with TR, dropped some coin to support the mission, or enthusiastically shared TR’s story with your third cousin’s parole officer, you should identify as a proud member of TR Nation.

How did they come into being? It started with the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, where hundreds of thousands were killed and nearly one million Haitians became homeless in a matter of moments. Essential services, medical care, government agencies, clean water, were all disrupted. Images of the aftermath, of the tent cities, of the overflowing medical clinics, of the food lines, were broadcast across the world.

Two Marines, Jake Wood and William McNulty, knew they could help. Together with six other veterans and first responders, they gathered funds and medical supplies from friends and family and flew into the Dominican Republic. They rented a truck, loaded their gear, and headed west to Haiti. There they treated thousands of patients, traveling to camps deemed “too dangerous” by other aid organizations. They ventured outside the traditional scale of disaster response, focusing on those who would be overlooked, untreated. Thus was born Team Rubicon.

The Deets:

  1. You’ve got two ways to make this thing happen. Part 1: Are you a veteran or a first responder? Join the team and deploy worldwide with your bad-ass skills to make a difference.
  2. Part 2: Just a regular Joe? Us too. So Team Rubicon has a rad way to get involved – namely, by getting the word out there so more veterans can use those amazing skills for good. Join Team Rubicon’s Street Team and set off some Knowledge Bombs in your area.

Aina. We do the research. You change the world.

Mamas Aina

Carmen & Kristin

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