Moonrise on a changed world

How I Changed the World Today



Today, I changed the world. It’s 7:47am.

Today, I changed the world.

This morning, I woke up at 5am. Tough choice (every. time). And I made it because I find those 2 hours in the morning are my most precious time with me, and with the Universe. And changing the world, of course, starts there. I don’t win that battle every morning – so I gave myself fist bumps, and off I went.

I toddled into the kitchen and made myself green tea. It was a HUGE sacrifice, because I loooove my morning cup o’ joe. But my left boob has been hurting a lot lately, and so I asked the Universe to help me with that. I heard back to drink green tea (and call the doc on Monday). It was a wrestle. And, eventually, I decided to say yes. Still hard, even in the little things. And, of course, also wonderful. So…green tea it was, this am.

Then I read a bit of my Bible and journaled. This is the way that I, personally, get in touch with the Universe (I call it…well, lots of names. The Bible stories help me, personally, to plug in. So do the Hindu stories). You know – the Universe. That weird, crazy, wonderful THING out there that holds us all together. We discovered some things this morning. And drank green tea.

Then my crazy puppy dog jumped on my bed, jumped off my bed, and farted loudly. I decided the man needed to go to the dog park – a bit of a sacrifice of my morning time, one I don’t usually make. And I felt like the Universe agreed with me that this time, the park was the better course. So, off we went.

At the dog park I stopped and marveled at the full, beautiful moon. I noticed the frost on the grass. I felt cold toes. And I realized that this was the gift of leaving my warm cozy bed – this beauty. And I wanted to stay there forever.

And then I was interrupted by an older Roman woman. I was a bit resentful, as I was enjoying this new gift of the full moon and crisp, frosty air and romping puppy. And then…I realized she needed to TALK. So I stopped just chatting, and started listening. Her self told me that she was full of fear – for herself and this world. Of course, those weren’t her words. Communication is only 7% verbal, 93% everything else. It was the everything else that told me this. And, of course, I had to stop and focus on her and leave behind my moon in order to hear this.

Her words were about how she finds Rome to be the most beautiful city in the world, and that her son practiced jurisprudence, and that she grew up in a haunted house. Of course, listening isn’t about words.

And so I allowed myself to go on this journey with her. It was kind of a tough choice. I don’t personally like to go to fear and sadness. And…apparently that was what she needed, and of course – that’s what I needed then, too.

Then we said goodbye, and I turned homeward. And as I walked with frozen toes and frostbitten cheeks, I got curious about the gifts that were there in that conversation with the woman. And…I found some. So fun to go on that journey of discovery, too.

And that’s how I’ve changed the world today. It won’t be the same way I do it tomorrow. I’ve even got a whole day left to discover even more. And, oh. Therein lies the glory.

Carmen Westbrook is a mother, a wife, a fluffy dog owner, and a part of the Aina Giving leadership team. She is also the Author of Becoming Superwoman 1.0: Finding my Cape and Boots, and someone that decides to run, pretty much every day, in toe shoes.



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How I Changed the World Today

by Team Aina time to read: 3 min