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We need to care less about whether our children are academically gifted and more about whether they sit with the lonely kid in the cafeteria.

Being a Parent is Stupidly Hard

Many times we fall on our face, feel frustrated and alone, and feel like we are giving up all of our own dreams (and identity) to raise up the next generation - and not totally confident we we're doing THAT very well.

It's time we all banded together. Because parenting is a hard road and we need people to get us to the next day. Enter Aina Organizers, a community of people that are dedicated to raising the next generation of worldchangers, of citizen-servants, of good-ass people that will sit with that lonely kid.

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How to Raise Amazing Kids ...And Keep Your Eyebrows While Still Having Fun
How to Teach Kids Love and Forgiveness Make a Life Binder Boosts and Brags Wall
How to Teach Kids Self Discipline How to Set Schedules Giving Party Fun
How to Teach Kids Ingenuity How to Find Time for Yourself Contact Aina
How to Teach Kids Honesty How to Find Time for Relationships
How to Teach Kids Selflessness and Service How to Be the Best Meal Planner on the Block

Plus Hundreds of World-Changing, Kid-Approved Projects

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Teach your children service and gratitude - and change the world at the same time. Aina Organizers get 10 free downloads every month of world-changing projects that you and any child can do - projects that fit into your schedule and don't require on-site volunteering

Sign up now and join the community. Because, honestly, we all need a village to get those kids out the door.

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