Y’all, I haven’t knit in over 20 years.

Not only does that make me OLD (doing that math hurt my brain), but it also makes me rusty. And extremely clumsy with the needles. And it means that I ripped this project out three times trying to get the pattern right.

Moral of the Story: If I can make this bag, so can you.

Today we’re making a fancy knit market bag to battle hunger – and I promise it’s easy enough for kids to follow along too ;).

Volunteer at home for a trusted nonprofit charity helping hungry families in the U.S.

This project is to help battle hunger in the U.S. Did you know that roughly 10,000 children die every day due to hunger – and that the world produces enough food to feed them, it’s just a distribution (and poverty) problem? Keep reading for more info on why making a knit bag can help solve this problem – but for now let’s get cracking on making your fantastic knit market bag!

Supplies Needed:


Volunteer at home for a trusted nonprofit charity helping hungry families in the U.S.
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Step 1: Using your round knitting needles, cast on 72 stitches. Knit in the round

*Knit 1 row, purl 1 row.

Repeat * 19 times for a total of 38 alternating knit and purl in the brown (here are some great videos on knitting basics – and how to cast on!, how to knit with circular needles, and how to purl knit!)

Step 2: Switch to Diagonal Openwork Pattern:
Row 1: *YO, K2tog; rep from * across.
Row 2: Knit.
Row 3: K1, *YO, K2tog; rep from * to last st, K1.
Row 4: Knit

Repeat 6 times for a total of 24 rows.

Step 3: Switch colors to the pink yarn and work one pattern (4 rows) of the above Diagonal Openwork Pattern in pink. Then *Knit 1 row, purl 1 row. Repeat * once for a total of 4 alternating knit and purl in the pink. Switch to the brown.

Step 4: In the brown yarn, *Knit 1 row, purl 1 row. Repeat * 17 times for a total of 34 alternating knit and purl in the brown. Bind off.

Step 5: Now it’s time for the handles! Get out your pink yarn cast on 11 stitches. Moss stitch for 68 rows (here’s a great video on how to moss stitch!). Bind off. Do this twice (i.e. make two handles).

Step 6: Now it’s time to stitch it all together! Pull out that large eye needle and sew on your handles (see the picture for placement) and sew together the bottom of the bag.

Step 7: IF YOU WANT: Pull out that crochet hook and make fun love bomb to attach onto the handle (love bomb, of course!). Check out this post from Queen Babs on how to make it!

Step 8: You’re all done! Now it’s time to use those bags to end hunger!

Volunteer at home for a trusted nonprofit charity helping hungry families in the U.S.

Ok, along with our love bombs we’re going to throw some fact bombs your way. In the United States, one in six people faces hunger (whaaa??? That’s crazy!! We didn’t know that before we started researching for this project!). 21% of household report food insecurity, and every year the U.S. spends $75 BILLION on programs to feed these hungry households.

Now It’s time for your love bombs.

Take that fancy beautiful new market bag and get ready for Spring – because this project is about as hands-on as it gets. There is an amazing organization called Ample Harvest (you should check them out, they’re fantastic) that helps you find a local food pantry in your area – and connects you with them so you can donate your excess garden produce to feed the hungry.

Digging in the dirt never tasted so good.

WE LOVE THIS PROJECT!! Can we say it louder? What a fantastic way to take all of those insane amount of tomatoes you make every year (or, hello, zucchini) and get it in the hands of those that need it. So. Here it is:

Final Step:

Go to Ample Harvest. Find a local food pantry in your area. Fill your bag with your garden produce and save the U.S. $75 billion dollars. Bam. Talk about grassroots action ;).


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