Kenyans in China

I am Kenyan and for most of us Kenyans, we refer to our country as our motherland. We actually have songs that refer to Kenya as our motherland. Now let me talk about motherhood for a moment, disclaimer I am not a mother yet but I will be one day….. well I am still looking for the father or waiting for him to show up and sweep me off my feet 🙈. But from my few years of living this is what I understand about motherhood. A mother’s love is unconditional, a mother loves her children with their imperfections and perfections. A mother protects her children at all cost, she ensures they are safe at all times.

When I refer to Kenya as my motherland it means I expect unconditional love from her and protection from her through the leaders. Leaders that I have voted for to stand and fight for me and other Kenyans when we cannot fight for ourselves. But when these same leaders keep quiet when Kenyans are suffering in countries like China, when they give conditional love and choose to ignore the cries of those Kenyans then my motherland fails.

What is important to these leaders? Are they more focused on saving their bottom line or saving human lives? Are they quiet because they will need more money from their “amazing” lender after this pandemic to fill their stomachs? Are they more focused on pleasing their lender than fighting for the rights of their own people?

We too have failed our motherland for electing leaders who cannot fight for her children, and I hope we can all learn from this and do better next time. But for now, we need to speak for our motherland and ensure all her children are safe.

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Kenyans in China

by Team Aina time to read: 1 min