Aina Leadership Programs


Our Self-Leadership programs center around our world-renown book, Becoming Superwoman – and the trained facilitators that lead these transformational book clubs. For every leader that’s at the top of the lattice, there are three more just starting their journeys – and we’re here to reach down and give those skills to each superwoman.

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Ohana Leadership

Our highly trained staff deliver high-impact, box-breaking workshops to organizations around the world – and achieve amazing results. Whether you’re looking for help with your company, university, government, or family, we have the program for you.

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World Leadership

The third rung in our lattice is that of global leadership – and it’s what every person is compelled to take on once they’ve tackled steps one and two. Our World Change Global Retreats give leaders around the world the opportunities to both learn from vulnerable communities and get the skills necessary to tackle the world’s most pressing problems.

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