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new101One of the best things you can do for conservation? Educate the next generation. Otherwise history has a tendency of repeating itself, over and over and over…

This org is so awesome, and they travel all over to educate. Help em out by making this wicked awesome rug. Perfect as a Giving Party with the girls – y’all can work together, and everyone’s got old t-shirts to donate to the cause. How can you do this? We’ve got all of the deets below…

OrganizationMarine Mammal Center

The Low-Down:

The Marine Mammal Center’s mission is to expand knowledge about marine mammals—their health and that of their ocean environment—and to inspire their global conservation. Their core work is the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured marine mammals, supported by state-of-the-art animal care and research facilities, a corps of dedicated volunteers, and an engaged community. What they do is more than kind-hearted consideration for the well-being of other living creatures.

Responsibility. Passion. Values.

  • The Marine Mammal Center rescues and humanely treats ill, injured, or orphaned marine mammals, and returns healthy ones to the wild. Since 1975, their hospital facility has rescued and treated over 18,000 elephant seals, sea lions, whales, sea otters, harbor seals, fur seals, dolphins, harbor porpoises and more – many from threatened and endangered species.
  • They educate and communicate to help build a sense of responsibility and connection to the marine environment and marine mammals, and inspire action to protect the oceans. Each year, their education programs and events reach over 30,000 children and adults.
  • The Marine Mammal Center conducts scientific inquiry to increase knowledge of marine mammals, their health and their environment, and to help assure their long-term survival. Their science programs derive vital data from our sick and injured patients – what diseases they suffer, how their immune systems work, and how they’re affected by changes in their environment.

The Deets:

  1. This rug is SO CUTE and it’s upcylced and it’s SO EASY!!!  Nothin better than that. Check out the tutorial here. Thanks so much Wonder Forest for the idea and deets!
  2. Pop them into a package and mail off to:

The Marine Mammal Center
2000 Bunker Road
Fort Cronkhite
Sausalito, CA 94965-2619
Telephone: (415) 289-7325

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