Meet the Team: Kristin and Carmen

Meet the Team behind Aina. Carmen and Kristin, aka “Mamas Aina,” are two professional women, mothers, and insanely busy world travelers. We have lived all over the world, from Japan and Korea to Germany and Rome. After getting involved in countless projects around the world, we realized that our fellow sisters were missing something – and that we could help. We dove in, found the answer, and in 2015 we started Aina to empower women to change the world.

Getting involved in high-impact projects is often daunting and frustrating. For this reason, we spent hundreds of hours partnering with and accrediting nonprofit organizations around the world that you can trust. And if you are a nonprofit leader looking for the highly coveted Aina Accreditation, Contact Us and we’ll help you get there.

Finding the path to a meaningful life can be crazily hard. So we dove in, researched all of the phenomenal superwomen of the past, and created the The Spark Life series. Helping women find their Spark and live a meaningful, superwoman life is our greatest joy. If you want to live an amazing, phenomenal life, Connect With Us – we’ll start chatting it out.

With over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit, contract, and community involvement fields, we bring our unique set of skills to the world change sphere. Not only that, but we understand from our own experience the demands on today’s busy woman. Similarly, we understand the desire to do more, live more fully, and experience the meaningful life. We can’t wait for you to join us on this Superwoman journey!

For more information on how you can live the Spark Life, please Contact Us and we’ll start chatting!

Aina Giving is a female-led company that transforms women into world changers. Join the movement of DIY World Change and get our accredited projects, leadership coaching, and nonprofit consulting – Contact Us and tell us how you want to change the world. We’ll help you get there.

Empowering you to Change the world. Dive in and live the meaningful life with Aina's leadership coaching, workshops, and communities for the women leaders of tomorrow.