Meet the Team

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Carmen Westbrook, CEO

With almost 15 years of organization and volunteer management experience, Carmen has in-depth knowledge of successful nonprofit management and volunteer integration.

As a one-time stay-at-home mom, she also has a lot of experience in feeling helpless and underemployed.

As the CEO of Aina, Carmen spends a lot of her hours drinking coffee and figuring out how to run this madness. As Carmen is currently living in Rome, Italy, that means she is drinking really, really good coffee and it's Italian madness - 'nuff said.

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Kristin Kachmar, COO

As a former pro basketball player and social services worker, Kristin has more than a decade of experience in the education and counseling sector. Through this work she has travelled the world and seen firsthand the importance of personal coaching and assistance in really tough times.

As a mom of three kiddos born within two years and two continents, Kristin is the most insanely organized person Carmen's ever known. COO seemed like a good fit.

As the COO, Kristin makes all of the logistics happen & keeps Carmen's big (and occasionally loony) ideas in line.