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Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole

I love how people come together and find solutions to the problems they are all going through…. During the COVID-19 pandemic most nations are depending on the government for survival, some governments are providing food, relief funds, but in my country people are creating solutions for themselves. I looove that so so much people are not waiting for the government to rescue them, No!! And the solutions these people are coming up with are GREAT!. Citizens are coming up with ways to get food, water and ensure that everyone survives. I am always proud of this people who decide enough in enough and decide to do it all by themselves. These people remind me of one thing, we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

We are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole …. Yes we are! This something we all need to know. We do not need fixing , we do not need someone to carry us through life, NO! All we need is within us, and most of the time all we need is a push.Someone to point us to the right direction, ask us the right questions and show us that all we need is within us , we just need to tap into it. And this is what international aid organizations need to know, they should not try to fix people and come up with solutions for the communities they serve, instead they should help this communities to come up with solutions to their problems. More like show them how to fish instead of giving them the fish.

When an organization decides to help a community and starts different projects, the organization needs to understand that the community it is helping is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. That they have all the solutions within them and all they need is for the organization to offer them a helping hand. So the organization should not go in as a fixer but as a coach willing to coach and mentor the community so that it can create solutions for itself and execute the solutions with the help of the organization. This creates a sense of independence in the community and it pushes the members of the community to be able to look for more solutions for their problems without the help of anyone.

When a community is able to look for solutions to its’ own problems its make it so much easy for the community to take part in any project that helps to solve their problems. The organization does not have to push the community to be active, to show up but not any more. This community knows that these solutions are their own and are for them so they will show up and put in the work with or without supervision from the organization. This makes work easier for the organization and it also makes it possible for the organization to start helping other communities.

When an organization does not recognize the fact that everyone is naturally creative, resourceful and whole, it becomes controlling. It tries to come up with solutions for every problem without asking the communities involved. Unfortunately, the solutions they come up with are most the times good for them and not good for the communities they serve. This becomes a push and pull between the organization’s and the communities, because the communities feel like they are being controlled by the organization, while the organization means well. The organization also denies the communities the opportunity to use their potential to solve their own problems.

When one is used to getting help, that person is unable to help himself/herself. The person becomes dependent. Have you ever been stranded in your life but you don’t bother to look for a solution because you know someone who can fix the situation for you? …… . That is exactly what I am talking about. And this happens to communities too, when they get so used having organizations that fix their problems this communities don’t bother to look for solutions after all the organization will bail them out. This impairs ( for lack of a better word) their creativity, resourcefulness and wholeness. I doubt if that’s the mission or objective of any organization to have a community that is fully dependent on them, but it happens unknowingly.

If you are ever stuck remember this you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole and you actually have the solutions with you. And if you ever decided to help someone remember they are also naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

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Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole

by Team Aina time to read: 3 min