Why We Call it Ohana Leadership - Ohana Leadership

Why We Call it Ohana Leadership

So why do we call it Ohana Leadership?…

Why We Call it Ohana Leadership - Ohana Leadership

We spent most of our early adult lives being “just moms.” We brought forth life. We worked miracles. Every day. We motivated the least motivational employees on the planet (two-year-olds). We managed the oversight, vision, strategy, and execution of three long-term, life-changing projects (each). All while looking fashionable, helping out others, and staying (mostly) cheerful.

And how much do you think we got paid for it? The same as every other stay-at-home Mom:


Perhaps worse than that? We called ourselves “Just Moms.” And, of course, so did everyone else. So when we went to write on our resumes that we spent 6-7 years being…what? “Just a Mom.” That was all that was available to us.

So, that is wrong, people. We got completely sidelined by the “real professionals” when we started reentering the workforce. We were told that we did not have the “right skills.” And, of course, they were right. And…they were wrong.

We didn’t have the skills of dealing with adult emotional turmoil. We only had that in dealing with children’s emotional turmoil. We didn’t have the skills in articulating our vision. We just knew how to make it happen. We didn’t have the skill to choose our battles, because with children everything is desperately important – we tend to choose them all.

What. On Earth. Is going on here.

Because, of course…people that don’t stay at home with their children? They have amazing skills. And people that do choose to stay at home with their children would like to have them. And people that DO stay at home with their children? They have amazing skills. And we strictly professional people would like to have those, too. We’ve just forgotten how to ask.

So guess what? We are here to change that. We are on a mission to take on world change, one leader at a time. And that starts with every woman – every one of us phenomenal sisters out there – sharing with each other, creating communities together, throwing out the competition and judgement and getting the best leadership skills from each other to lead our own lives and our own families.

And it moves forward to create those jobs – yes those paid, money-bearing jobs – for us leaders to receive that money for that value that we give to the community. And it ends with each one of us becoming a leader of global change.

I’ll drink some Mom-juice to that.

“Why we call it ohana leadership”, is the last in a 3-part series of “Why our communities are falling apart” and “Why the pill liberated women and killed our communities.

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Why We Call it Ohana Leadership

by Team Aina time to read: 2 min