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How do you define Ohana Leadership?

Ohana Leadership is “Family” Leadership in Hawaiian – and how you define your family is all about you. Whether it’s a group of friends, your work colleagues, your parent and siblings, or children and a spouse – leadership is needed in each of these groups to create success. Our Leadership 2 level training, workshops, and small group programs give you and your company, your governmental organization, your classroom, and your family all of the tools that are needed to become your own charismatic group leader – and build new leaders up and down the lattice.

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Ohana Leadership

At Aina, we believe in Ohana Leadership for all groups – and that’s why we work with the leaders of organizations, corporations, universities, governments, and families worldwide to become those charismatic leaders that every group needs. Feeling frustrated because your ohana isn’t accomplishing the mission that you know is possible? We have you covered. From learning the latest leadership tools yourself to gaining the tools to pull those same traits and skills out of your ohana members, we give ohana leadership worldwide to build your ohana into a tribe of influence. However you define your ohana – from division chiefs to the online community of those closest to your heart to spouse and children – each ohana succeeds only with a charismatic leader at it’s heart, and our Ohana Leadership training will get you there. Need your organization to take off? Get our Ohana Leadership bespoke programs to take you to the next level.

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Becoming Superwoman

Our signature individual leadership program, this six-part series focuses on growing each individual with all of the most cutting-edge tools and skills, with trained facilitators and friends in a relaxed in-home atmosphere.

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Global Cultural Leadership

Our facilitators come from around the world – and our training shows it. In this innovative training, we break the mold of “culture boxes” and start discussions that lead to creative solutions to taboo problems.

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mission statements for life

Often we can be motivated to help the world – but have not one clue where to start. Through this group-based, interactive workshop we take each person through the steps needed to start on the path to life purpose – and develop the influence necessary to make it happen.

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