Aina Giving and Centro Welcome team up to bring you Buddies for Bambinos, a party kit to help refugee families in Italy

Buddies for Bambinos Party Basket


Price Per Partygoer: $4.00

Your Buddies for Bambinos party basket includes everything you and your friends need to throw a party to help refugee families that have escaped to Italy! Every Aina party basket includes a hands-on, DIY project so you can actually do something to help the world.

You and your friends will be partying to help Centro Welcome, an amazing, Aina-approved nonprofit organization that is helping to house, feed, clothe, and integrate (think: finding jobs!) refugees that have fled to Italy. The Syrian Civil War, which began in 2011, has displaced roughly 13.5 million Syrians as of end of year 2016. Currently Italy is seeing an overall increase in refugees – also from war-torn Nigeria and Eritrea – as opposed to the overall decrease seen in the rest of Europe. This project is to help a refugee center that serves refugees throughout Italy, focusing specifically on women and children.  This is a fantastic opportunity to actually DO something to help those Syrians fleeing the war – and also make a deeper connection throughout the world and is easy enough for children as small as 7 to tackle.



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Your Buddies for Bambinos party basket includes everything to make an Octopus Snuggle Buddy for every person in your party.

This Aina Party Basket includes a guide for making a stuffed octopus craft. It also includes resource links, an overview of the issue, and the details on the Aina-Approved organization you'll be sending your Buddies to. This craft is easy enough that children as young as 7 can enjoy the fun!

  • You will receive all of the supplies and Tutorial Card to create create a Snuggle Buddy for a refugee family living in Italy.
  • Included supplies will be enough for at least 25-30 minutes of crafting per person.*
  • An Information Sheet about the issue, the Aina-approved organization, and Talking Points for the project is included.
  • A list of used items needed by the organization (Best. Spring. Cleaning. Project. Ever.)
  • This project falls under the Cause Category of: International/Refugees.
  • Resource links, related books, websites, videos, and films are also included - Aina projects are excellent for playdates, book clubs, and ladies nights in!

*Supplies are calculated according to the average crafting time.


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