Make a Memory Box with The Herren Project for families battling addiction

Memory Box Party Basket


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Your Memory Box party basket includes everything you and your friends need to throw a party to help families and individuals that are battling against addiction. Every Aina Party Basket includes a hands-on, DIY project so you can actually do something to help the world.

You and your friends will be partying to help The Herren Project, an amazing, Aina-approved nonprofit organization that is helping to educate, intervene, and lend support to people before and during a battle with substance abuse. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 1 in every 12 adolescents (ages 12-17), 1 in every 6 young adults (ages 18-25), and 14.5 million adults over the age of 25 battled a substance use disorder in 2014. Often community is the line that stands between these people succeeding or failing in their battle. Make a Memory Box – and send hope, faith, and encouragement – for a person going through rehab, a family with a loved one in rehab, or a family that has lost a loved to substance abuse. Memory Boxes are particularly helpful to all of these groups to remember what is loved and hoped for, and to hold on to those dreams for tomorrow.

This project is perfect for getting the conversation started on substance abuse and why community is important, and is easy enough for children as small as 5 to tackle. It’s the perfect craft for any parent, civic group, or church leader.


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Your Memory Box party basket includes everything to make a Memory Box for every person in your party.

This Aina Party Basket includes a guide for making a memory box craft. It also includes resource links, an overview of the issue, and the details on the Aina-Approved organization you'll be sending that Memory Box to. This craft is easy enough that even toddlers can get involved!

  • You will receive all of the supplies and Tutorial Card to create create a Memory Box for a family or individual battling addiction.
  • Included supplies will be enough for at least 25-30 minutes of crafting per person.*
  • An Information Sheet about the issue, the Aina-approved organization, and Talking Points for the project is included.
  • This project falls under the Cause Category of: Health/Mental Health/Addiction & Substance Abuse.
  • Resource links, related books, websites, videos, and films are also included - Aina projects are excellent for playdates, book clubs, and ladies nights in!

*Supplies are calculated according to the average crafting time.


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