Make Water and Supply Kits for Flint, Michigan Residents.

Make kit to Help Flint Water CrisisUm, yeah. Turning on the faucet and getting orange water? Beyond disgusting. Finding out that your children have been exposed to dangerous lead levels for a year and a half? Them’s fighting words. You, my friend, cannot take that lead away, but you can send some love, hope, and really, really needed items – and that’s what we need the most when we’re faced with the bananas life throws our way. How can you do this? We’ve got all of the deets below…

OrganizationCatholic Charities of Shiawasee and Geneses Counties

The Low-Down:

In April 2014, Michigan’s governor decided to switch from the regular drinking water supply to the river water to cut costs. Residents immediately started complaining about the color (orange) and smell (funktastic) of the water. Radio silence from the governor. In Feb 2015, studies found lots o’ lead in the water. More radio silence. Finally in January 2016 – yep, that’s almost two full years after doing it – the Governor realized this wasn’t going away and it might hurt his chances to be reelected. So then he asked the Feds to step in and give him money to fix it. Classic. Enter Catholic Charities.

Since 1941, Catholic Charities of Shiawassee & Genesee Counties has worked to strengthen lives and preserve families by providing quality, comprehensive, human service programming and services. Today, they continue to fulfill our mission – Providing Help and Creating Hope – by offering all individuals, regardless of faith or situation, the means to reinforce the positive values of family life, by contributing to harmonious family interrelationships, and by promoting healthy personality development for individuals and families.

Due to the water crisis, they’ve mobilized efforts to get needed supplies to citizens dealing with the contamination.

The Deets:

  1. So imagine yourself without water for one day. That’s no laundry, no shower, no drinking, no dishwashing – nope, none of that, because lead soaks into all of that. Put together a kit of supplies for them – we have some suggestions below, but feel free to add anything else you think we missed (and tell us in the comments what you added!).
  2. All of this stuff can be found on Amazon, or you can run to your local big-ass store and get it there (iodine tablets are in the camping section)
    • Water Filtration System (here’s a beauty on Amazon, totally portable and cute to boot. Just make sure whatever you get is NSF certified).
    • Underwear/Personal Items (because hello. No laundry)
    • Personal Hygiene Items (soap, deodorant, tampons, etc)
    • Dry Shampoo
    • Iodine Tablets (to purify the water)
    • Straight up? Just send some cases of water. You can even order them on Amazon and have them delivered to the address below. But a box o’ goodies gives way more love, peeps.
  3. Pop it all into a box and send it off to:

Catholic Charities Center for Hope
517 E. Fifth Ave.
Flint, MI 48503

Head over to our Giving Cards and include one in your package to make a personal connection on our Aina Connections Wall!

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