statue-woman-1424928Tutor a victim of human trafficking as she prepares for her GED or College exam

This – this – for reals, this makes an incredible impact on the world. Seriously, can you imagine how huge this is? And you can do it from your own home – set up video teleconferences! SUCH an amazing way to change the story of the future. Such a cool service opportunity to tutor a victim of human trafficking as she prepares for her GED or College exam to make a huge impact with this amazing organization.

OrganizationThe Samaritan Woman

The Low-Down:

The Samaritan Women is a national Christian organization providing restorative care to survivors, and bringing about an end to domestic human trafficking through awareness, prevention, and advocacy. Yes, human trafficking happens in America, in all 50 states. The FBI estimates that about 200,000 children are at risk of sexual exploitation every year. Adults in can be trafficked for labor, such as domestic servitude, or for sex, such as forced prostitution. The Samaritan Woman offers its own Continuum of Care Model, based on a multi-disciplinary approach, survivor input, and their experience in serving this population.  Their model is divided into five phases, with the ultimate goal of building up a woman’s resiliency and independence so that she can live as a free and contributing member of society. The women live on the property and go through a variety of programs to teach them life skills and give them a caring environment to escape enslavement.

The Deets:

Contact the Samaritan Woman at to tell them you’re interested and your availability for tutoring.

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