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Soiree FAQs

1What Exactly is a Spark Soiree?

Are you a social butterfly that needs time with friends? Want to volunteer but can NEVER find the time - or know who to help?

Enter the Spark Soiree.

Aina's Spark Soiree is an at-home event where friends join up & make a craft to give to people in need all over the world. Now you can join the ranks of worldchangers - from home.

Your Spark Soiree begins with a one-on-one consultation to determine the perfect project for your group, and continues with a personalized Resource Page with resource links about the cause you're helping & exclusive videos and interviews about the organization partnering with. And with Aina's commitment to partnering with only the most innovative, world-changing organizations, these links are sure to spark conversation amongst friends. As the Hostess, you will be sent all of the supplies and tutorial for the evening of the event.

We offer artisan-inspired projects of every craft variety (even supply drives for the non-crafty!), and we support over 50 different cause areas. We are confident that our consultants can provide you with the perfect project for your Soiree!

2What comes in a Soiree Kit?
You get all of the supplies that you will need for every participant in your party, plus... 1. Project Tutorial Cards with step-by-step instructions to make the project. 2. A Soiree Spotlight information sheet with all of the details on the issue, organization, and talking points. 4. A Resource Guide with links, videos & books, and testimonials and to start the conversation even before your Soiree. And.... 5. Hostess Gifts and door prizes to make the party fun!
3How Much Does it Cost?
We have three levels of pricing for our soiree kits! Parties 0-10 Attendees: $40 total Parties 11-15 Attendees: $55 Parties 16-20 Attendees: $70 We also have a special pricing for AMAZING organizations - that is, those that have been vetted and approved through the Aina AMAZAR process. For these organizations, we offer our soiree kits at wholesale price (plus shipping and handling!). So, if you know of an amazing organization that you've worked with before, contact us at and we'll see if they qualify.
4What kind of Projects do you have?
All kinds and all causes! Check out our Soiree Shop to see all of the projects for your Soiree.
5Why Should I Throw a Soiree?
Ummmmm, Why NOT??? Actually, we can't think of a better way to spend time with our friends than drinking some wine and changing the world.
6I've never talked about world events with my friends...
Yep, we completely get that. Good grief, it's not like we aren't all incredibly opinionated and fairly passionate. That's why we give you all of the resources and one-on-one help to know everything you need to know about the issue and the organization before your party. Frankly, we at Aina feel like this is a reason TO throw a Spark Soiree - we think our world needs more talk and less divisiveness. We pride ourselves on NOT taking sides (actually, that's because our founders, Kristin and Carmen are mostly on opposite sides of everything) and of being really thoughtful in all of our information and cause areas. The whole point is to open conversation, build bridges, and break down some barriers. So if all you've ever talked about is that next PTO meeting, here's your chance to form some deeper friendships.
7Any Tips?
Spark Soirees are AWESOME for Moms Groups, Bunko Troops, and Book Clubs! All of our Soirees come with related book links - what better way to have your monthly book club meeting than in ACTION? Part of a Bible Study? Even better - bring some action to that chatting about how to maintain your sanity and be a good person. Even Better? Start a Spark Sisterhood, and rotate the cost of throwing the party around to a new house every month. There's no end to the conversations that you can start when you're doing meaningful work.
8What if I'm not crafty (or am an uber-crafter)?
Our projects are for you!! We work really, really, really ridiculously hard to go from the very very easy (think tying your shoe) to full-on quilting madness. From sewing to knitting to baking to glueing, we've got you covered. We also have kid-friendly projects for Moms Groups, as well as kits where we send you totes and you and your friends fill them with needed supplies. We try to fit the bill for everyone!

Spark Soiree Request

Let us know what kind of Soiree you want and we'll email you back to start the conversation!

Don't know yet? It's ok - just put a date down so we can estimate how quickly we need to ship you your supplies!

Let us know what kind of craft you'd prefer for your Soiree - choose all that apply!

Please tell us what kind of cause you'd like to support in your Soiree - we have FIFTY-TWO cause areas, so just check the general one above and we'll email you back with lots of options!

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