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The Story

Many children throughout the world live in orphanages, but the large majority of them have at least one loving parent(s) or family member. Many times these parents or family members cannot care for the children due to poverty. Some give their children to orphanages in hopes of a better future and some “orphanages” actively lure children away from their families to make money from what is known as ‘orphanage tourism’. Some orphanages exploit children, deprive them of education, and force them into child labor.

Stahili Foundation is an amazing, Aina-approved organization that helps to pull children out of slave labor orphanages in Kenya and promises them a family and an education.

The Kenyan government mandates that every school child have a pencil case for school. Often this $7 obligation is an additional burden that foster-families are unwilling to take - and may stand between an orphan and being placed with a loving relative. Stahili Stand in that gap - make an easy, kid-friendly pencil case and fill it with school supplies to make a huge impact in the life of a child.

The Organization

Stahili Foundation

Stahili Foundation is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization that combats child exploitation and poverty and promotes sustainable change in rural Kenya through a commitment to education, communities, and love. After witnessing corruption and abuse at a Kenyan orphanage, the two Stahili founders came together to rescue vulnerable and exploited children, combat corruption and give them a life they deserve through education, family, and love. They facilitate the safe removal of children from corrupt orphanages and empower families & communities to care for them.

The Project

Pencils for Hope

This party basket includes everything you need to make a pencil case for orphaned children in Kenya! The Party Basket includes all the supplies, a step-by-step tutorial, shopping links, and an overview of the issue and organization. This project is easy enough for children as small as 4 to tackle. It’s the perfect craft for any parent, civic group, or church leader.
Pencils for Hope

Pencils for Hope Party Basket


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