Used Camping, Veterinary, and Photography Gear to Help Animals.

Make a Kit of Used Gear to Help AnimalsOk, we’ve all heard the stories of those sideline circuses that are insanely inhumane, acutely miserable, and are the opposite of being good stewards of our animal friends. Whenever I’ve read these articles, I’ve always pledged to never go to any of those circuses (check), but I’ve never really been able to figure out what else I could do about it. Now you’ve got some rad options. How can you do that? We’ve got all of the deets below…


The Low-Down:

The Born Free Foundation is a dynamic international wildlife charity, founded in 1984 by the actors Bill Travers MBE and Virginia McKenna OBE, stars of the iconic film Born Free, and their son, Will Travers OBE, the charity’s President.  Born Free takes action worldwide to save lives, stop suffering and protect species in the wild.  Born Free never forgets the individual.  Their emergency teams rescue vulnerable animals from appalling lives of misery in tiny cages, often barren of any enrichment, and give them lifetime care in spacious bush sanctuaries. Better yet? BornFree is ‘Big enough to make a difference, but small enough to care.’ They’re not a big anonymous organization, but a family of like-minded people who share the same goals. We love that.

The Deets:

  1. Do you have used camping, photography, or veterinary gear? This org does truly phenomenal work and their people do it on a shoestring budget in some pretty wild areas (think cliffs of Ethiopia and seas of Tanzania). They have a wishlist of items they need; check it out here.
  2. Pop it all into a box and mail off to:

Born Free Foundation
Broadland’s Business Campus
Langhurstwood Road
Horsham, RH12 4QP, UK

Questions? Email Tarnya at

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