Your Weekly Inspiration: 3 Ways to Change the World Today

Happy Friday, Fave People!

We hope you have big plans this weekend (ummm, Mother’s Day, in case anyone forgot). Haven’t made your schedule yet? Check out this awesome Momastery post on taking back Mother’s Day – we couldn’t agree more, warriors. Join us in Baltimore while we help build a center for inner-city peace warriors, or check out some amazing projects below.

Syria, again. Let’s Roll, Peace Warriors.

“Good friends help you to find important things when you’ve lost them…your smile, your hope, and your courage.”

This week there was an air strike on a Syrian Refugee camp inside Turkey. Yep. They made it across the border, and they’re still being persecuted. So obvi going through official channels isn’t changing the situation fast enough; fortunately, we’ve found a path around for you. Because, peeps, you’re pretty bad-ass and you have amazing love to spread in your own way. Dig in.

Starfish Foundation is an organization that accepts whatever your heart tells you to give, and gets those gifts directly to the refugees that need them the most. We couldn’t love them more. Our recommendation? Put together a summer kit for the hot temps. Not your cup of tea? Check out all of the other ways you can help.

Prince. Still Giving Back, Even Now.

“Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect.”

Have y’all heard about how amazing Prince really was? Because you should – it’ll make you cry happy tears. Check out this video about what he did in his life – without any fanfare. People still don’t know why he left us so early, but there has been speculation that he had been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Let’s honor his beautiful legacy and spend this weekend making a gift of love for a child affected by AIDS.

Mother Bear Project gives your knit bears to bring love and comfort to children affected by AIDS/HIV in Africa. Read here for the low-down. This, this is worth it, people. This makes a difference and brings light to a very dark place. Get together with some of your friends and put on some Adele, because this screams Giving Party full of wine and talks.

Ecuador DRIVE ON!

“Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who came, and never left your side.”

Last week we kicked off our supply drive for Ecuador earthquake victims. This weekend we’re sending off our first shipment – check out our FB wall in upcoming weeks to see posts from survivors that YOU helped. Because, people, your special gift? It’s needed in this world. Read on for how to deploy it and wage peace.

Break out that sewing machine (ummm, NOT me. I sew like a 4 year-old) or bust open the baking gear or gather up your 5,000 towels and send 4,000 to the people that need it. Read here for the latest update on the Ecuador earthquake and find out how you can send forward some love. Because your gift is often that one thing that’s needed to give hope to the hopeless.

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