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April 1st, 2016 Edition

Story of Awesomeness.

Last week we gave you a rad way to help out people in Brussels – post a pic of support on Twitter. So here’s the awesomeness. We tweeted out our pic (on the left), and a fab rando stranger in Brussels tweeted this pic back at us. Aina’s up in lights, peeps – and we’re making a difference. Post your project pic on our Facebook wall and we’ll contact the org for you so they can send a pic back!

The Supreme Court sidestepped. Us? Not so much.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” -Sir Winston Churchill

Soooooooo, yep we decided to just go for it this week and tackle reproductive rights. Mainly because the Supreme Court decided not to. In a crazy historic move, the Supreme Court this week came back with a compromise suggestion to the reproductive rights case that’s looming for a vote – signs that this week’s 4-4 split decision might keep on keeping on without Scalia. So here’s the deal. We don’t care where you stand. For reals. We love each of you. So we’re giving you the best that’s out there on either side, without any divisiveness.

No time for partying.

Option 2: looks at innovative tech to improve the health of people in developing nations – specifically women and children. While Pathhas many different programs, one of them focuses on female eduction and innovation in contraceptives. They believe that, without good youth and adult reproductive health information and contraceptives, women face unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and serious health issues. One of the most innovative ways they do this is by making sure shelves in developing nations stay stocked with contraceptives. Love what they do? Throw them some bills here.

I’m ready to do this.

imageWe found a rad organization that is helping build up the family and give more options than abortion when confronted with an unwanted pregnancy. Dude. We get that this isn’t for some of you. Check out Option 2 if this doesn’t ring your bell. For those of you who’s hearts sing to this idea, we’ve got an amazing option for you. For families in crisis and feeling lost, often foster care and adoption are the only options. Bethany provides a third path – their Safe Families initiative pairs up volunteer families with kiddos that just need a safe place to go for a bit while their parents work out the kinks. Get all of the deets on how you can help, too.

Who Needs Hope and Love? These Guys.

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines” -Robert H. Schuller

So Vietnam Veterans Day was celebrated this week – hug your fave veteran and throw him or her a thank-you high five. No need to tell you how awesome these peeps are, but just in case you haven’t remembered of late, throw on a steak tonight and celebrate their general amazing-ness. In case you haven’t heard, lots of the Vietnam vets suffered from undiagnosed ptsd (didn’t even have that name back then), so in honor of their sacrifices, we’re giving you some awesome ways to help out these fams that give up so much for us all.

I’m ready to do this.

help a veteran make a hero dog care kit
Little known fact: often when our soldiers come back from war they get almost immediately moved on to another unit (needs of the military and all). While this helps our fighting force to be incredibly powerful (spread out expertise and share!), it tends to be tough on a veteran to lose all of his battle buddies – especially if he’s struggling with PTSD or injuries. Enter Hero Dogs, a super awesome organization that trains up man’s (and woman’s!) best friends to be helper dogs for veterans. Best and coolest part?? You can help train them up too. Check out all of the deets.

No time for partying.

imageAlright. We all know that the military life has amazing perks and wonderful community, but it can also frankly be tough on the fam – especially if your soldier is suffering from PTSD or injuries. Even tougher? Those times can lead to mortgages not being paid and utilities getting shut off, leaving spouses to wonder how on earth they’re going to pull it all together. Enter USA Cares. This phenomenal org helps the whole military family by paying those one-time crisis bills. They respond 24 hrs a day to crisis needs, they give a hand at desperate times, and they help families on the path to recovery. Now you can too 🙂

Sunshine Roar.

‘Cause I’m walkin’ on sunshine, oh-oh!

In the spirit of spreading love and hope, we like to spread some to you as well – voila the Sunshine Roar. Last week of the month = one of our most fave, most inspiring projects for you to do. You’re welcome 🙂

Beauty from the Ashes.

Send Pottery to Help Tsunami VictimsFive years ago this month was the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. This incredibly devastating disaster took out over a million buildings, killed more than 15,000 people, and displaced more than 200,000 – many of whom had lived in the area for generations. So here’s the good news. The Nozomi Projectis an AH-MAY-ZING organization that is taking the broken pieces and building something new. These women have found the beautiful broken pottery left behind in the devastation and are crafting amazing jewelry with it. Not only does this make hope from the destruction, but it is also building economic empowerment for the women of the Ishinomaki area. Now you can help – AND have your pottery be a part of building that hope. Check out the deets here.


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