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Empower Yourself to Change the News.
February 12, 2016 Edition

When we said Panthers, we meant the big cat. Not so Queen Bey.

“I got hot sauce in my bag, swag.”-Beyonce

In case you weren’t one of the 112M watching Super Bowl 50, Beyonce’s sauce was very hot during the Halftime Show. If you’re like me and were just digging the walk-off between her and Bruno Mars (and also Amy and Seth and Bud. I mean, come on. EPIC), you might have also missed the underlying message. Humans are beautiful, hate is ugly. We’re not touching the politics, ladies, because that ain’t doing anybody any good, but we are going to make sure our sauce isn’t weak by standing up to haters.

No time for partying.

Help Disadvantaged Youth

So check it out. One of the main things that spreads hate? Hopelessness. Let’s fight that, ladies. In the U.S almost a quarter of all children live in families with incomes below the federal poverty line ($23,500/yr).  Tandem is a phenomenal organization that is bridging the opportunity gap for those kids – and they’re doing it by sparking joy within the whole community. That, ladies, is what we here at Aina dig – it takes a village, and we’re all a part of that village. Check out Tandem’s story and throw them some bones.

I’m ready to do this.

Help Stop Racism with Anti-Hate Spray

“Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.” –BOONDOCK SAINTS
That’s what this one’s all about people. It’s not about taking sides, getting political, or hating on anyone. What is it all about? Spreading some love and DOING something when you see injustice. Check out the deets here.

Kim Jong Un. Again. Seriously, this guy gets more free publicity than Trump.

Don’t believe me? Just watch. -Bruno

So the UN formally flipped their lids this week when North Korea announced that it had launched a satellite into space. Why is this an issue? Because being able to launch a satellite means they could poss launch a nuke. While there’s a LOT of chatter about whether that satellite was actually viable, there isn’t a whole lot of chatter about what we think is a bigger issue – namely that Kim Jong is using all of his money to buy crap and launch missiles instead of feed his people, even with a looming famine. I would say a bad word, but I won’t. So hunger’s a huge prob in the whole world – check out what you can do about it from home.

I’m ready to do this.

Give Garden food to feed the hungry

Ohmygoshilovethemsomuch. Ample Harvest, this week’s winner of my fave org, is helping you use your leftover garden produce to give to local food shelters. They lay it out nice and easy: Food pantries desperately need fresh produce, and many gardeners have food coming out of their ears (um, radish, anyone?). As you’re planning your garden this month, plan in a plot for them. Don’t know how to garden? Don’t have a back yard in which to garden? Don’t worry about it. We’ve got all of that covered. Get the deets here.

No time for partying.

Help Stop Hunger

We love, love, love this week’s hunger project (see “Throw It My Way”), and we’re pretty sure a garden party is right up every gal’s sleeve. BUT if you really want to do something now, World Food Programe is a HUGE organization that helps distribute food to people in need all over the world. They’re efficient, they’ve done this for a long time, and they know how to get stuff where it needs to be. The bad side? They’re no longer sending food to North Korea due to a lack of funding. Be that game changer and send them some benjamins here.

See no Evil, Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil.

“Come out upon my seas, Cursed missed opportunities” –Coldplay

Chinese New Year!! It’s the year of the monkey, and in honor of these awesome furry little guys, we found some rad people that are helping them out. The first group rehabs and protects some femme-fatale bonobo monkeys (we could learn a lot from them), and the second helps to stop those sideline circuses that hold animals in inhumane, miserable cages. Check out below to see how to help the bonobos or give some great projects to help free the wild ones.

I’m ready to do this.

Make a Kit of Used Gear to Help Animals

BornFree is an org that takes action worldwide to save lives, stop suffering and protect species in the wild.  Their emergency teams rescue vulnerable animals from lives of misery in tiny cages, often barren of any enrichment, and give them lifetime care in spacious bush sanctuaries. Their staff often lugs themselves and their gear through some pretty gnarly terrain (think cliffs of Ethiopia), and they do it on a shoestring budget. Want to help (without the whole flying to Ethiopia part)? Check out the deets of what you can give here.

No time for partying.

Help Save Bonobos Monkey

This org is digging on conservation for some bonobos, and we’re digging on these lady-dominated social monkeys. Seriously, these bonobo societies are female-dominated, form special relationships between the females, and if any dude bonobo starts getting aggressive they band together with some chick power and stop him in his tracks. LOVE THEM. Lola Ya Bonobo works in the Democratic Republic of Congo to protect their rehabilitate black market bonobos and return them to their rainforest habitat, which is shrinking faster than Miller’s market share. Throw these peeps your Starbucks dough for the week here.

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