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February 23, 2016 Edition

Johnny Football Needs a Hail Mary Pass.

“Don’t Stop…Believin”

Johnny Manziel got in trouble again this week; if you don’t know this guy, he’s the phenomenal athlete that was the first frosh to receive the Heisman trophy. Why the Hail Mary pass? He’s been battling addiction pretty much ever since that trophy. Not only is the whole football world in mourning, but his Dad is pretty worried, too. Basically there was a Ray Rice lookalike incident (because that’s a guy to emulate). Sigh. While this is most likely the end of Johnny’s football career, he just now starts the uphill battle against addiction. What can you do? Check it out below.

No time for partying.

This one? This one’s awesome. Chris Herren, a former pro basketball player, was in and out of rehab and hospitals for substance abuse, until his friends and family gave him financial support and a helping hand. With this community of supporters he finally got clean in 2008 and has been changing lives ever since. He started The Herren Project, an org that not only raises awareness by sending athletes to speak at High Schools, but they also take a “one person, one family at a time” philosophy to spread the community. Love it. Help out a brother or sister with some dollas here.

I’m ready to do this.

Addiction. Ohhh, addiction. Here’s our most inspiring story of addiction – rats that were purposefully addicted to cocaine voluntarily weaned themselves off and became drug free. Why? Because they were put in a healthy, thriving rat community. They still had the drugs available, they just didn’t take them because community filled that hole in their soul. How do they know that? Because the rats kept in isolation kept on with addiction. So, ladies, this one really is all about community. Rosecrance is an awesome org because they form that community. Make one of their patients a stress ball – goodness knows we all need one of those.

There is a Higher Court than Courts of Justice.

I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

This past week we lost a Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia. And then, within an hour of the announcement, our leaders started bickering. Classy. Here’s our one editorial aside on this one – we don’t care if you liked the man or not, we can all throw a bit more love around by waiting 24 hours to start the hair pulling. Anywho, now the question is, when will his successor be named??? We aren’t going to have any kind of say in that one, but we can have a say in the halls of justice. Check er out.

I’m ready to do this.

So guess what? Women go to jail too. While they aren’t the largest proportion, they’re there, and some of them have kiddos. Most of them get those kiddos back when they get out of jail, so here they are, new in society, having to figure out how to transition back to a life free of crime AND take care of some kiddos. A New Way of Life Project is tackling just this issue, and they’ve transformed the lives of over 600 women in Los Angeles. And ladies, you can get in on this awesomeness. They always need supplies for the kiddos, for the women to go to work, for LIFE. Our fave project? Make them an upcycled scarf to rock that interview.

No time for partying.

We’re talking justice this week, and one of the main issues that gets people’s goats on justice is people wrongfully accused and imprisoned. We’re talking the Hurricane, the Making a Murderer, the INJUSTICE of the world. And if something makes us see red, it’s injustice. Centurion Ministries is an awesome org that’s fighting for people wrongfully convicted. And ladies, we went through HOURS (more like days) of vetting and scores of orgs before we found one that was unbiased and we could put our stamp of approval on. So you can trust that they’re not bonkers. Throw them some dimes here to keep up the good work.

Sunshine Roar.

‘Cause I’m walkin’ on sunshine, oh-oh!

In the spirit of spreading love and hope, we like to spread some to you as well – voila the Sunshine Roar. Last week of the month = one of our most fave, most inspiring projects for you to do. You’re welcome 🙂


It’s starting to be a wee bit warmer outside, which is awesome if you have small people in America, less so if you have small people in Syria. The coming Spring means the lanes of travel (read: sea lanes navigable again) will reopen for the refugees. While Russia and the US agreed on a truce deal this morning, we don’t really trust Putin as far as we can throw him. Centro Astalli focuses on the youth coming into Italy to break down barriers of language, culture, and religion to build bridges between the refugees and the host nation. We love them. Help support their cause by donating here, or make them this awesome school supply kit so we can build those bridges, too.

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