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January 29nd, 2016 Edition

My Snowstorm is Better Than Your Snowstorm.

“I’m Hot. You’re Cold.” –Joe Jonas

So Jonas Blizzard happened. If you’re wondering why a snowstorm was named (as was I, my friend. I mean, I’m from Nebraska – we call snowstorms “winter”), you can check out that rationale here. It was a great, big, fluffy snowstorm of fun that caused many schoolchildren to rejoice and many adults to take part in a giant, DC-wide snowball fight. Those Senators know how to have fun. What exactly can you do about this? Snowstorms always mean warm snuggly nights inside and really, really cold homeless peeps. Giving a buck on your way to work won’t change that, spending an evening making a few squares for a blanket will. What better way to spend those fireside nights inside?

No time for partying.

Donate to Make Blankets for the Homeless

Ok. Seriously. Learn to knit people. It’s good for you and it’s super fun and it keeps your insanely talkative daughter occupied. BUT if you’re just not the knitting type, there’s a woman in Oregon who’ll make a blanket for you. Having been a homeless person herself, she gets it, and her blankets are AMAZING – patterned all over with messages of hope and love. Check it out: Handmade to the Streets. Throw her some bones here. Warning: SUPER new organization, so while our vetting team approves, it’s a conditional approval; she’s so new she basically doesn’t even have financials.

I’m ready to do this.

Knit Squares for the Homeless

Yep. We found you another amazing org. These ladies at Warm Up America take your blankets, your knit or crochet squares, your hats, any kind of warm, snuggly, homemade item and they donate it to people in need – most specifically to the homeless. So now you know that the $20 you spend on yarn will actually go to help out that homeless family, instead of always wondering if it went for something less savory. We have not only an awesome learn to knit/crochet tutorial, but also a fab pattern for a warm blanket you can make this winter. Only have time to make one? That’s one less homeless person freezing on the streets this winter. Get the deets here.

Jolly good then. Let’s blame it on those daft females.

@David_Cameron I speak 4 languages, how many do you speak?

In case you missed it, this week Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron made a complete ass of himself. Stating that ISIS recruitment was because of the traditionally submissive muslim woman, and that they really just needed to learn English to break out, the ol’ MP definitely started off a poop storm his way. Check out these tweets from some badass muslim ladies. And um, yeah. Woman power. We got you covered with ways to help out the sisterhood.

I’m ready to do this.

Teach ESL from Home

Sooooo if English proficiency is the only thing holding us back from complete eradication of ISIS, then sh*t man. We got this. And you, my friend, can now take down ISIS singlehandedly and keep your day job. This awesome org runs a program called Cackle (love it!). They hook up people wanting to learn English with people that know English – all you have to do is be able to read and write, and you’re in. Best part – you can do it online or over the phone. From anywhere in the world. Check out the deets here.

No time for partying.

Women Helping Women in Muslim War Torn Countries

Ok. We get that life gets nuts – us too. So we’re giving you an org that helps support and empower Muslim women. This INSANELY AMAZING organization empowers women in countries affected by conflict and war. Women for Women International supports the most marginalized women to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home and community, and connect to networks for support. Women empowering women – we love it. Check out this video of how amazing they are, and throw them some benjamins.

Sunshine Roar.

‘Cause I’m walkin’ on sunshine, oh-oh!

In the spirit of spreading love and hope, we like to spread some to you as well – voila the Sunshine Roar. Last week of the month = one of our most fave, most inspiring projects for you to do. You’re welcome 🙂

Feminine Hygiene Kit for a girl overseas

Pretty much every study that’s ever been done points to female education as the single answer to every problem. No joke. Unemploymentpovertyhomelessnesshealth problemsenvironmental degradation, literally EVERYTHING. So now you can solve all of those problems. At least for some ladies in Africa. Days for Girls is a phenomenal organization that gives girls feminine hygiene kits so they can go to school. Often that time of the month is an extreme burden in many cultures, so much so that they have to stuff leaves in their undies. Say, wha??? Yeah, you’re not going to school. So guess what? Get that girl to school for the next three years. Check out the deets here.

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